Q: What is "muting" a CD-Key?
A: Blizzard Entertainment has implemented a change to its sysop capabilities on Battle.net that enables authorized Blizzard Entertainment personnel to "mute" certain players on Battle.net. The muting function will allow us to make silent those players chatting in Battle.net who are found to be in violation of our Battle.net Terms of Use agreement. Other players will not see what the "muted" person has typed. Muted CD-Keys will not, in any way, affect actual gameplay. Muted players will be able to chat in-game only.

Q: Why has Blizzard Entertainment implemented the muting policy?
A: We have discovered certain players on Battle.net who are attempting to utilize the Battle.net channels for purposes that violate our Battle.net Terms of Use agreement. Some of these violations include attempts to steal account information by impersonating Blizzard Entertainment representatives and spamming the channels with inappropriate content. The mute function has been created to prohibit players from continuing to perform these violations. (Remember: No Blizzard Entertainment employee will ever ask for your CD-Key or password. Do not give this information out over Battle.net or anywhere else.)

Q: I appear to be muted. What can I do?
A: If this is the first time your CD-Key has been muted, Battle.net will automatically unmute your CD-Key after 30 days. CD-Keys that have been muted a second time will be permanently muted.

Q: Does muting chatters on Battle.net violate my First Amendment rights?
A: No. Battle.net is a private forum owned and operated by Blizzard Entertainment. Users must agree to our Battle.net Terms of Use agreement in order to make use of the chat services offered on Battle.net.

Q: Have you considered banning players in violation of the Battle.net Terms Of Use agreement?
A: Yes. While it is our preference not to ban players from Battle.net, we will not hesitate to do so in the event that players persistently violate the Battle.net Terms of Use agreement.

Q: Does CD Key Muting apply to all Battle.net games?

Q: People are complaining that I am spamming a chat channel when I am doing nothing. How do I stop it?
There are a number of third party programs and viruses that can cause people to get muted. If people are complaining that you are spamming in a chat channel, but you are not, it is possible that you might have been infected. Please uninstall any third party add-on programs you might have installed, and run a full virus scan to check for viruses.

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