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General Online Help
Go here or type ‘/help’ in a chat room edit box for a list of current commands.

Gateway Selection
Gateways act as portals through which players get onto Gateways are named to indicate where your closest Gateway server is located, directing you to the best connection and play experience. While it is best to choose the Gateway closest to your geographic location, you are not restricted to any particular Gateway.

You can change your Gateway of entry before connecting to The small Magnifying Glass button next to the button is the Gateway selection button. A default Gateway is already chosen for you. If you experience connection problems while using your current Gateway, simply log out and choose a new Gateway from the pull-down menu.

Waiting Room
When you first connect to, you are taken to a Warcraft III "waiting room." A variety of options are available to you using the buttons at the top of this window. You can choose to Play Game, play a Team game, play a Custom game, manage your Friends list, view Ladder Info, or enter a chat Channel. For more information about each of these options, simply move your cursor and pause over the appropriate button to call up a tooltip that explains the button in more detail.

Anonymous Matchmaking
Anonymous Matchmaking is a new feature on that matches Warcraft III players of similar skill level together for a game. To play a game with anonymous allies and opponents, select the Play Game button. You can then specify what game type you want to play, how many players, and what maps you are willing to play on. When you are satisfied with your choices and join a game, looks for other players in your Gateway of comparable skill who wish to play the same game type and maps as you. determines your skill level by looking at various criteria including your rating on, the number of games you have played, and your win-loss record.

Map Preferences for Anonymous Matchmaking Games
Both the Play Game and Arranged Team options allow you to indicate what maps you prefer to play on by clicking on the "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" buttons next to name of the maps that are available for play. The map will be automatically and randomly chosen from amongst the maps that received the most thumbs up votes. If you are in a big game, you may wind up playing on a map that you don't prefer.

Arranged Team Games
If you wish to play games against anonymous opponents but wish to play with teammates of your choosing, you can opt to play Arranged Team games. In these games, you choose your allies before launching a game. To play an Arranged Team game, click the Arranged Team button from the waiting room or chat room. You can now invite players on your friends list or players in your current chat channel. If the player you wish to invite does not appear, add them as your friend, or go to their channel. If the player declines your invitation, you will have to recreate your team. Once you and all of your allies have entered the team game screen, you can launch a game, and will look for similar teams to match you against. As with Anonymous Matchmaking games, you do not know who your opponents are beforehand, and you do not necessarily know on what map you will play.

Ladder Information
The ladder is an official ranking of Warcraft III players. The results of all games played using the Play Game and Arranged Team Game options are recorded and reflected in the players' profiles. The icon by your name in chat rooms will change as your ladder status changes. Players move up or down on the ladder according to their success or failure in Anonymous Matchmaking games. Ladder statistics are updated daily. For more information go to here.

Custom Game
If you wish to play a game without anonymous opponents and with a map of your choice, you can choose to play a custom game. A custom game allows you to play with people you know as well as play on a specific map. Once you select a custom game, you will be taken to the custom game screen. At the left of your screen you will see a list of available games. Clicking on a game will reveal information about the map and host in the map window on the upper right-hand side of the screen.

Create and Join Game
When you have chosen a game to play, left-click on its name in the Available Games List, then click Join Game to enter it. If you wish to create your own game, click Create Game from this screen, give your game a name, choose a map, decide on teams for all players and computer players, then specify whether the game will be a public or private game.

Friends List
As you play Warcraft III on, you may find particular players with whom you enjoy playing and chatting. You can choose to add these players to your Friends list. This allows you to keep track of your friends by letting you know when they log onto as well as alerting you when they enter chat channels or create games. For more information on how to manage your Friends list go here.

From the waiting room, you can click on the Enter Chat button to go directly to a default chat channel. You may also click on the Channel button to open the channel menu, where you can select your desired channel from a list of available channels or, if you know of a private channel, type in a specific channel name. Once you enter a channel, you can begin chatting with the other players who are also logged onto and in the same channel as you. The same options that exist in a waiting room are also available in a chat channel.

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