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Clan F.A.Q.

How do I create my own clan?
Go here for more information.

How do I join a clan?
Go here for more information. Note that after joining a clan, you may not leave for 7 days. Be really sure you want to join the clan when you are invited.

I have created a clan and I can't seem to do anything but add people?
Many of the clan membership operations are disabled during the first 7 days that a member is part of a clan. Note that this is also true for the founding members of a clan.

Clan members may not leave during their first 7 days of membership. Also, Chieftains and/or Shamans cannot remove new clan members from the clan during their first 7 days of membership. Lastly, Chieftains may also not appoint Shamans, disband the clan, or transfer ownership of the clan during the initial 7 days of the clan's existence.

After a member has been in a clan for 7 days, the previously disabled commands become available for use. Most clan membership functions are accessed by right-clicking the member's name in the clan list.

Is my clan abbreviation unique on my realm?
Yes. The four letter clan abbreviations are unique, but the full name of the clan is not. For example, there could be two clans named the Stonemaul Ogres but they would both have unique identifiers.

How can I tell when a new person has been in the clan for one week and can now have their status modified?
A new member has the peon status for one week. After that week has expired, they are automatically promoted by to Grunt status. Grunts may now leave the clan or be promoted.

How do I quit my clan?
After you have been in the clan for 7 days and have automatically been promoted to a Grunt, you may now leave the clan by right-clicking on your name in the Clan member listing. To view the listing, left-click on the Clan tab at the top of the user list. Players who have not been in the clan for 7 days will not have this option available to them.

I just created a clan, now how do I disband it?
You must wait 7 days before disbanding a newly created clan.

What happens if the leader of our clan's account expires due to inactivity?
The clan will be without a chieftain, but will continue to exist until the Clan itself no longer satisfies the upkeep requirement that the Chieftain log in once every 28 days. Note that players should not create clans with accounts that are temporary. Be sure you have logged into for 2 hours during the first 48 hours you created the account to make your account permanent.

What happens if there are less than 10 members in a clan?
The clan is subject to immediate expiration if it ever drops below 10 members. Clan Chieftains and Shaman should be very careful when removing clan members to make sure that they will still have 10 members after the removal.

What is clan upkeep?
Clan upkeep is simply the activity requirement that imposes on clans. will automatically disband clans it considers to be inactive. To be considered an active clan and prevent the clan from being deleted for inactivity, the chieftain must log in at least once every 28 days. In addition, at least 10 clan members (including the chieftain) must log in once every 28 days.

Can all 100 members of a clan fit in a channel or is the channel locked to a maximum of 40 members?
Currently only 40 people can fit into a clan channel, as 40 is the maximum user limit for private channels.

Can I prevent non clan members from joining my clan channels?
The Clan Chieftain and Shaman automatically have operator status in their own clan channel. As channel operators, they may use the /kick and /ban commands to remove users from their channel. The Chieftain and Shaman can also configure the channel to only allow clan members to enter by using the /clan private command. To allow other non-clan users to join the channel again, the /clan public command is used.

Can I rename my clan?
You may not rename a clan once it has been created. Both the clan abbreviation and full name are unmodifiable. If your current clan name or abbreviation is unacceptable, you will have to create a new clan.

Can I transfer ownership of the clan to someone else?
Chieftains can transfer ownership of the clan to a Shaman after the clan has existed for 7 days. The old Chieftain is now considered a Shaman, and the user with ownership of the clan is the new Chieftain.

How fast does the clan message of the day update? How can I check the message?
The clan message of the day should update immediately when a Chieftain or Shaman changes it. To view the message of the day, click on the Clan Management button at the bottom of the clan user list.

Who can view the clan message of the day?
The clan message of the day is only viewable by clan members. Players who are not in the clan will not see the message, even if they join the clan's channel.

Why do clan chieftains and Shaman have the "hammer" icon in their own clan channel?
Chieftains and Shaman are automatically considered channel operators of their own clan channel, so they receive the "hammer" icon that all channel operators use.

Do clans share the same names with both Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne?
Yes. A clan is able to have members with either Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos or Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.

Can I join multiple clans?
No, you can only be in one clan at a time.

You have clan ranks for Orcs. Do you have them for the other three races?
No. Clans are most closely associated in the Warcraft universe with the Orc race, and the Orcish ranks are the easiest to understand.

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