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Warcraft III Ladder Rules

Warcraft III Ladder Scoring
When you begin ladder play on, your account begins at level 1 with 0 experience points (XP), much like a Hero character in Warcraft III. Winning Anonymous Matchmaking (AMM) games earns experience for this account, which can begin to climb in level and even gain an icon based on the race you play most frequently.

Note that players gain levels in multiple categories: both for single-player AMM and for team AMM, including levels for each team they play on.

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Ladder ranking is based on a player's or team's experience.

Anonymous Matchmaking
To begin the AMM process, press "Play Game" on Select your preferences for race, game type, and map, then press "Play Game" again to indicate that you are ready.

At this point, looks for other players of comparable skill to include in a match. Once these players are found, the map for this match is randomly selected from whatever maps have not been marked "thumbs down" by any match participants.

Match-ups are made randomly from a pool of players who are judged to have similar skill. However, players will not be matched against the same opponents twice in a row, although these opponents can be played again in future games.

Experience Points and Levels
A player gains or loses XP at the end of a game. When a player gains enough XP to meet or exceed the amount listed on Chart 1 under "XP Needed", that player then advances to the next level. Players can lose levels when they lose games (some XP are lost with each game loss), but can never go below level 1 and 0 XP.

Game winners receive XP based upon a number of factors, including their skill, the skill of their opponents, and the winners' current ladder level.

At levels 1 through 9, the penalty for losing a game is reduced. The actual amount of XP lost is multiplied by the Loss Factor listed on Chart 1.

Players may lose XP if they do not play a minimum number of games per week, as listed on Chart 1. Failure to play the minimum game requirement during a week--defined as beginning and ending on Monday at 12 a.m. Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8)--results in an XP penalty equivalent to what you would get from losses to an opponent of similar skill level. For each game you don't play below the amount required for your level, one loss is added.

Random Team AMM Levels
As described above, players acquire levels in multiple categories: both for single-player AMM and for each team they play via team AMM.

Experience gained or lost when playing a team AMM game is calculated in a manner similar to single-player games. The only difference is that in team AMM, the various factors from a team's players are averaged into one value that represents that team.

Arranged Team AMM Levels
There are separate ladders to track the progress of teams playing in 2-on-2, 3-on-3, and 4-on-4 competition. An individual player can appear on the ladder multiple times: once for every team on which that player chooses to participate.

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