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Sunken Ruins Tournament Information
Frozen Throne

's Full Games Listing:
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Game DateGame TypeMapPlayersGame LengthResult
Game Detail 3/31/2018
5:59 PM EDT
Random 4v4 Mur'gul Oasis
Allies: officerdoofy, caliper, UPGRADE205
Opponents: ICan'tMove!, Go4It, wolfgod, Petrovich
7 Loss
Game Detail 3/31/2018
12:04 AM EDT
Random 4v4 Full Scale Assault
Allies: Zoidburg, xXe.ReWiND, sassasa
Opponents: Happy_Friday, MaNBeArPiG178, ITK_, peondadon
22 Loss
Game Detail 3/30/2018
11:39 PM EDT
Random 4v4 Battleground
Allies: VeritechSky, Zoidburg, DHARMA
Opponents: okok, mad_pig, realLness., AFKER_TKER_BSER
6 Loss
Game Detail 3/30/2018
12:02 AM EDT
Random 4v4 Dragon Falls
Allies: Newbs, RUNINGBULL, Hitl3rsMustache
Opponents: swissconnex, you, peanutus, LaNKY-KoNG
9 Loss
Game Detail 3/29/2018
11:48 PM EDT
Random 4v4 Deadlock
Allies: Spoony, texas, daddysback
Opponents: NIGHTMARE3000, bigleague, GHOUL.FRENZY, bobby1
5 Loss
Game Detail 3/29/2018
11:46 PM EDT
Random 4v4 Mur'gul Oasis
Allies: Suikoden_2, RUNINGBULL, salted_caramel
Opponents: Twizard, JaguaR-, ArmedGuard, ambien
15 Loss
Game Detail 3/29/2018
11:44 PM EDT
Random 4v4 Market Square
Allies: Suikoden_2, MoogulTheSly, gosuneal
Opponents: LEZB0_ACT10N-, Firahlus, blackface, GeneralOverton
18 Loss
Game Detail 3/29/2018
11:27 PM EDT
Random 4v4 Deadlands
Allies: Firahlus, blackface, Igni50
Opponents: DROPhackMEplzzz, MaNBeArPiG178, ededdneddy, AFKER_TKER_BSER
1 Loss
Game Detail 3/29/2018
11:25 PM EDT
Random 4v4 Battleground
Allies: TheIsland, since02, TRUMPS_A_RETARD
Opponents: oreganobae, eat_a_deck, 1v7, yurikiev
20 Loss

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