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Sunken Ruins Tournament Information
Frozen Throne

Eug_Master's Full Games Listing:
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Game DateGame TypeMapPlayersGame LengthResult
Game Detail 12/20/2017
3:51 AM EST
Random 4v4 Deadlock
Allies: iWon., ZZZ.111llllliiI, |cffFCFCFCgaia
Opponents: Ripple, Jesus-4-Life, Newbs., |c000DFF00Tree
135 Tie
Game Detail 3/16/2016
1:25 AM EDT
Random 4v4 Death Knell
Allies: ChewblaQQa, RAKE, Wrarshack
Opponents: XaXion, NannerPancakes, fatbulldogz, oM]Luck
124 Win
Game Detail 3/26/2018
1:43 AM EDT
Random 4v4 Death Knell
Allies: 78788564, letsallagreeman, onedarkone
Opponents: wogman, l3gendarycoyot3, ROLLupAfatONE, ZykLoN-1
113 Win
Game Detail 4/8/2018
1:37 AM EDT
Random 4v4 Full Scale Assault
Allies: disconnected, hjd999, okok
Opponents: FratStar, DRINK-MY-RUM, Spearhead2211, hvymetal
90 Win
Game Detail 2/1/2016
11:57 PM EST
Random 4v4 Golems In The Mist
Allies: AUDUSDB, HeadHigh, UglyAndFatKid
Opponents: iLOsEALOt.i60h3, Organisms, fsociety, 2thache
72 Loss
Game Detail 2/7/2016
11:08 PM EST
Random 4v4 Death Knell
Allies: el_sin_nombre_2, PIMPstyle, DarkMen
Opponents: visionarywarior, ScorpionKjng, akskdaskds, loscetcselbnla
69 Loss
Game Detail 4/2/2017
1:14 AM EDT
Random 4v4 Cherryville
Allies: why2, Willie_colon, Mika_Kun
Opponents: mooselord, Peon_your_Face, imnotblue, castlesok
68 Loss
Game Detail 10/26/2015
2:13 AM EDT
Random 4v4 Deadlock
Allies: MikeHct, site187g, cainjohnson
Opponents: hay, 2015_SUBARU_WRX, Kioe_FuLC4nelLi, AutoPilot
64 Loss
Game Detail 2/23/2016
6:45 PM EST
Random 4v4 Cherryville
Allies: politcly_corect, YourDeadbeatDad, Dallicus
Opponents: User1, fake, piarrrrrr, coddled
61 Win
Game Detail 2/2/2016
9:30 PM EST
Random 4v4 Twilight Ruins
Allies: bluntheadzbbt, BananaHammock., GirtSquirt
Opponents: mulan2004, Danoob, Son_Jun_Un, spanishpower01
56 Win
Game Detail 10/2/2015
3:32 AM EDT
Random 4v4 Dragon Falls
Allies: CROSSjTRIFECTA, L.U.N.A., Vocabulary
Opponents: m.eso, miniraeace, dxwyrgtdhzxpw, Talinn
56 Loss
Game Detail 7/18/2015
3:50 AM EDT
Random 4v4 Twilight Ruins
Opponents: tallman, tehchoppers, MrNeven, Newbs_
54 Loss
Game Detail 5/7/2015
1:55 AM EDT
Random 4v4 Deadlands
Allies: SpicyHam, bg6-o.O, 13312221222122
Opponents: peonyourself, wewin, LordUhtred, Fiery_WA
54 Win
Game Detail 5/24/2015
3:03 AM EDT
Random 4v4 Full Scale Assault
Allies: hot_girl, RASPUTIN, zika
Opponents: dagrentheslayer, llllllllIlIllll, LOSS, TriTone
54 Loss
Game Detail 2/18/2017
1:22 AM EST
Random 4v4 Dragon Falls
Allies: TheTorontoStar, Ricknson, Dembe
Opponents: boomboomx, Stuff_IV, Cabrakan, HEIRUSPECS
54 Win
Game Detail 5/10/2015
9:05 PM EDT
Random 4v4 Golems In The Mist
Allies: T3CHM4STER, KillerConrad, OrCmEgA333
Opponents: onestepahead85, KKPower, Dark_Wolf, FukMyTeammates
52 Win
Game Detail 3/11/2016
11:21 PM EST
Random 4v4 Deadlands
Allies: wcboon, HariKari, ishot2pac
Opponents: DOUGLASCALACA, Jagr, garfieldjohnson, MurderMystery.
51 Loss
Game Detail 5/6/2015
8:04 PM EDT
Random 4v4 Market Square
Allies: Jackskellington, trolll0ver, SouthElf
Opponents: HimlerStylish, SteelSaint, FishBeanz, chinatown
50 Win
Game Detail 4/1/2017
10:53 PM EDT
Random 4v4 Cherryville
Allies: fluffybunny, G4sSecurite, red_ey3
Opponents: DougBenson, dddddddddddddd, mazan, HomeyDaClown
50 Win
Game Detail 10/23/2015
9:39 PM EDT
Random 4v4 Cherryville
Allies: NeCRiD., oOOoOOoOO0OoOoO, Jiggly_Puff
Opponents: DaNnK420, DOOWSNAMA, SeaLab2021, heisenburrg
50 Win

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