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Sunken Ruins Tournament Information
Frozen Throne

HoneyBlunt's Full Games Listing:
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Game DateGame TypeMapPlayersGame LengthResult
Game Detail 5/14/2016
2:51 PM EDT
Arranged 2v2 Centaur Grove
Allies: Pugilist
Opponents: iMicro, Rythorn
8 Loss
Game Detail 8/6/2016
12:05 PM EDT
Arranged 2v2 Twisted Meadows
Allies: Pugilist
Opponents: gs.kamus, wisp-
21 Loss
Game Detail 6/19/2016
12:18 AM EDT
Arranged 2v2 Wetlands
Allies: Pugilist
Opponents: BoyKrogan, IAmPeon
18 Win
Game Detail 5/14/2016
2:35 PM EDT
Arranged 2v2 Excavation Site
Allies: Pugilist
Opponents: JS17, LARD
13 Loss
Game Detail 2/3/2019
4:08 PM EST
FFA Deadlock_ L V
Opponents: tubbykitty, FierCe[GGL], Vindicat0r
45 Loss
Game Detail 2/4/2018
3:49 PM EST
Random 4v4 Cherryville
Opponents: IDONTCAREABOUTU, LaLiKiLLeR, DeepD1ckin', Silvanas
20 Win
Game Detail 5/30/2016
7:32 PM EDT
Random 4v4 Deadlands
Allies: NuMiTo, germanrandom, seige_n_attack
Opponents: Frequency, Yearslater, iwanttobegosu, undead_servant
18 Loss
Game Detail 4/28/2018
4:12 PM EDT
Random 4v4 Friends
Allies: eat_a_deck, RockyRaccoon, catvomit
Opponents: SheepSlayerBA, stable_genius1, CoachBombay, Iridesence
22 Loss
Game Detail 6/5/2016
10:20 AM EDT
Random 4v4 Golems In The Mist
Allies: Fardado, Ass_on_urface, tribe[cf]
Opponents: LordTg, NTR_Porn, YearZero, Hulksmash53
18 Win
Game Detail 11/24/2018
10:51 AM EST
Random 4v4 Feralas_ L V
Allies: VoM, Yondur, afkbot96
Opponents: WhatUpGanGsta1, DirtMcn4sty, iFail, Kuro
9 Loss
Game Detail 6/17/2016
10:21 PM EDT
Random 4v4 Dragon Falls
Allies: KnockUpKatyPery, daysofrain, InTel[FiGhTer]
Opponents: qazco, TickTock12, LiLWanksta, ZackAttacks
24 Win
Game Detail 2/3/2019
4:38 PM EST
Random 4v4 Friends
Allies: TheChosen1, phrozeN_, MH4704
Opponents: EownageV, Sauceplan, Lunchable, vi0l3nt
24 Loss
Game Detail 6/26/2016
8:31 AM EDT
Random 4v4 Mur'gul Oasis
Allies: SoloNewbs, marsbarnoob, hai
Opponents: WC3_IsAlive, lordofthesky, fkbnet1234, dotawithJLIN
25 Loss
Game Detail 7/2/2016
11:18 AM EDT
Random 4v4 Twilight Ruins
Allies: diablo30001, SnackTreats, Leaf
Opponents: Gohan, acfuuiii, FuseLaH, Pedrizzer
21 Loss
Game Detail 7/8/2016
9:57 PM EDT
Random 4v4 Battleground
Allies: Wolstenholme, sman253, siraarongaming
Opponents: JOHN-HAMMOND, TheCromeanator, Newbs., Leandro0001
10 Loss
Game Detail 7/16/2016
11:43 PM EDT
Random 4v4 Full Scale Assault
Allies: ligaberent, NlGGERLICIOUS, mettatonex
Opponents: HeDriskS, Khager, Salty-Cracker, RowRobRow
40 Win
Game Detail 7/24/2016
10:21 AM EDT
Random 4v4 Battleground
Allies: momentus, h2oburyUsA, DianaPrince
Opponents: Andy100, Voltor, Gunnarax, MYspermYOURbum
0 Loss
Game Detail 7/30/2016
4:35 PM EDT
Random 4v4 Death Knell
Allies: UnholydreadlorD, li331, Vito
Opponents: assington, testf, pbg12345678, biggiesmalls_ny
25 Loss
Game Detail 8/6/2016
11:41 AM EDT
Random 4v4 Dragon Falls
Allies: Queen1, Pot_Roast9850, iTower
Opponents: TheCromeanator, JustForFun., BP7, Golmachi
19 Loss
Game Detail 3/20/2016
11:47 AM EDT
Random 4v4 Dragon Falls
Allies: TheCromeanator, ITSTEBOWTIME, teafish
Opponents: BurningTree, L0RK, Apollo, Ghantous
16 Loss

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