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Sunken Ruins Tournament Information
Frozen Throne

Teelo's Full Games Listing:
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Game DateGame TypeMapPlayersGame LengthResult
Game Detail 5/22/2015
1:09 AM EDT
Random 4v4 Mur'gul Oasis
Allies: orcing6, hixhix2, TeamCoCo
Opponents: ROFLMYTEAMSUCKS, Jagr, Newbs., biggiesmalls_ny
19 Loss
Game Detail 2/22/2014
2:58 PM EST
Random 4v4 Twilight Ruins
Allies: initiation, YOUmake4v4crap, Boomhauer
Opponents: TheInvestor, MYMICROPOWNED-, bounty_hunter, ZSoft
9 Loss
Game Detail 1/31/2014
12:16 AM EST
Random 4v4 Deadlands
Allies: Dark-Spirit, TOWER_NlGGER, Evertone
Opponents: nooice, Ryan-, likeKNIVES, gayNoob
6 Loss
Game Detail 1/31/2014
12:15 AM EST
Random 4v4 Battleground
Allies: nwordsinparis, Evertone, LOLYOUBEENTROLL
Opponents: TheElders, trubelieber, Sunkistoj, Snookies_Snatch
0 Loss
Game Detail 1/25/2014
8:08 PM EST
Random 4v4 Dragon Falls
Allies: silentflea, RexKwonDo, OneHungLow1
Opponents: billy_goat, HappyTaliban, ggnoops, silentrun22
17 Win
Game Detail 1/25/2014
7:49 PM EST
Random 4v4 Market Square
Allies: suck.bang.blow., Wannabee, ohlongdonjonson
Opponents: Aweb11, baafyr, ChUmMaN, QBOYq
26 Loss
Game Detail 1/25/2014
7:20 PM EST
Random 4v4 Last Man Standing
Allies: fuRy-, bottle-up, Tacticalwc3
Opponents: if.i.must, p-0-p, CCBBD, scadinha
32 Win
Game Detail 1/25/2014
6:47 PM EST
Random 4v4 Dragon Falls
Allies: mack29, 4HuMaNiTy, Chilla11
Opponents: bottle-up, MichaelScott, SandCastle, MuscleCars
8 Win
Game Detail 1/25/2014
6:24 PM EST
Random 4v4 Death Knell
Allies: poopieandy, Tacticalwc3, powerhouse2010
Opponents: shadradoo, Jesus_Is_Lord, GholTool, j.ponce
19 Loss
Game Detail 1/25/2014
5:59 PM EST
Random 4v4 Cherryville
Allies: umirinson, AnsO, XCoolHuSKYX
Opponents: spiritgodfather, diamondskies, ahleen, Khorg
17 Win
Game Detail 1/14/2014
11:59 PM EST
Random 4v4 Mur'gul Oasis
Allies: hyperking, Kadaj89, frickenfurious
Opponents: Mule, billy_goat, PINKpieceofSHlT, QBOYq
21 Win
Game Detail 1/14/2014
11:37 PM EST
Random 4v4 Cherryville
Allies: I_Luv_Noobster, ih8naggers, fcgatuso
Opponents: Mad_Arthas, ggnoops, sharik-, binboy
25 Win
Game Detail 1/14/2014
9:35 PM EST
Random 4v4 Cherryville
Allies: li331, NecroMyEggo, blackice
Opponents: SNOWman,, Thoriumbar79, gayNoob
18 Win
Game Detail 1/14/2014
9:34 PM EST
Random 4v4 Deadlock
Allies: JACKHAWK9000, arguru, Khorg
Opponents: Team(Idiot), DemonicxAngel96, orcsturnup, tumpas
49 Tie
Game Detail 1/12/2014
8:52 PM EST
Random 4v4 Market Square
Allies: nwordsinparis, s.crasian, 1mba.
Opponents: d[o.O]Q, Lezenfor, itrollyouyoucry, frostdemon23
22 Win
Game Detail 1/12/2014
8:36 PM EST
Random 4v4 Cherryville
Allies: idogaystrats3, AthenasEC, 1mba.
Opponents: mckc, th3philosopher, walmartpimp, Mortar.
8 Loss
Game Detail 1/12/2014
8:27 PM EST
Random 4v4 Golems In The Mist
Allies: NICKLAS, Elvish_Hunter, Kashi
Opponents: SNOWman, WoOdY3, FalloutNewVegas, Cove
20 Loss
Game Detail 1/12/2014
7:53 PM EST
Random 4v4 Golems In The Mist
Allies: llSheRLoCkll, tomha, GETT0THEMUST4NG
Opponents: silent_knight, ib6ub9, PunkChick94, MMH
18 Win
Game Detail 1/11/2014
8:17 PM EST
Random 4v4 Mur'gul Oasis
Allies: Macrophage, azureggknt, jams
Opponents: phoegon, It-Was-My-Fault, Cove, ASCAMDEN
30 Win
Game Detail 1/8/2014
7:50 PM EST
Random 4v4 Full Scale Assault
Allies: PacificRimming, danny_riquier, TER_LAID_JACK
Opponents: acestj420, NaiLz7768, RyanBrenner, pennfisherman
20 Loss

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