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Sunken Ruins Tournament Information
Frozen Throne

player69's Full Games Listing:
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Game DateGame TypeMapPlayersGame LengthResult
Game Detail 7/22/2014
4:38 PM EDT
Random 4v4 Deadlock
Allies: thegreatone, Itsjustagame, LionofGod
Opponents: bikecurious2, madmoneymark, MrTerryLu, Remxdys
22 Loss
Game Detail 1/19/2014
12:55 PM EST
Random 4v4 Dragon Falls
Allies: MishrasHelix, 3DO, celona52
Opponents: xiaotiao, SwordOfHonor, NextTimeLord, Rotatsived
21 Loss
Game Detail 1/19/2014
12:32 PM EST
Random 2v2 Twisted Meadows
Allies: IWillBuyWards
Opponents: Castlevania, AllDayEvent
11 Loss
Game Detail 1/17/2014
7:36 PM EST
Random 4v4 Dragon Falls
Allies: Shakespeare, puffpuffpassit1, EricsNerdFriend
Opponents: Night.E1f., LilB, goates, BADANJO
22 Loss
Game Detail 1/17/2014
7:14 PM EST
Random 4v4 Mur'gul Oasis
Allies: puffpuffpassit1, DyerMaker, EricsNerdFriend
Opponents: nogainnoloss, pucca_garu, LEVYATANN, MintyHippo
13 Loss
Game Detail 1/15/2014
9:22 PM EST
Random 4v4 Dragon Falls
Allies:, turkeytrots, dP51
Opponents: th3philosopher, eatingvitamins, oftheBloodOath, Gargle-My-BaIIs
9 Win
Game Detail 1/14/2014
10:12 PM EST
Random 4v4 Death Knell
Allies: bilbo_, hyperking, HappyTaliban
Opponents: pucca_garu, pucc_lover, smoke.puff, RambuRu
18 Win
Game Detail 12/28/2013
7:32 PM EST
Random 2v2 Gnoll Wood
Allies: mksound.
Opponents: kmak100, fauacak
16 Loss
Game Detail 12/28/2013
7:14 PM EST
Random 2v2 Goldshire
Allies: death_knight
Opponents: lovethebest, Jackie_Chan
9 Loss
Game Detail 12/27/2013
7:48 PM EST
Random 4v4 Cherryville
Allies: spiritgodfather, GoblinToes, sIlkworM
Opponents: MY_DAD_FUKS_ME, ib6ub9, scoty_d, Kiangdalf
26 Loss
Game Detail 12/19/2013
8:59 PM EST
Random 4v4 Mur'gul Oasis
Allies: CandyShop, WatchingYou, JeDiMiNDSCieNCe
Opponents: Order999, Sonata, ThSaggiestBalls, GoblinToes
26 Loss
Game Detail 12/18/2013
9:58 PM EST
Random 4v4 Cherryville
Allies: scron2, NoobSon, Dusts
Opponents: Mitos, ONOMATOPEIA, Freezzone238, BoilingWater
19 Win
Game Detail 11/23/2013
1:50 AM EST
Random 4v4 Mur'gul Oasis
Allies: love2win, ifUcreepWithMe, itakemdma
Opponents: The_retarded, Dark[warlords], rapaic, Dark-Spirit
9 Loss
Game Detail 10/23/2013
10:23 PM EDT
Random 4v4 Market Square
Allies: BrassBallsBaal, Defy, libertariansftw
Opponents: mqqfire, BooUrns, blaine_the_mono, s_t_o_p_p_i_e
11 Loss
Game Detail 10/18/2013
1:35 PM EDT
Random 4v4 Mur'gul Oasis
Allies: l1l11l1l1l2l1l1, iRandom, RustyNails
Opponents: Darkdeeds, notorious-elf1, Marnim, Carlos_Danger_
16 Win
Game Detail 10/14/2013
11:22 AM EDT
Random 4v4 Mur'gul Oasis
Allies: Xzar-aneski, gabriel26, Gmacaliciousss
Opponents: bOoKa, Simiuni, Toothbrush, Fortew3
8 Loss
Game Detail 10/6/2013
4:32 PM EDT
Random 4v4 Golems In The Mist
Allies: COMEGETMEBRO, rebelautotech, led4urhead
Opponents: Kaboose, matthewhills, gezer, embskillz
15 Win
Game Detail 8/24/2013
12:01 PM EDT
Random 4v4 Dragon Falls
Opponents: wakkawakka, p(r)4isEy0(u), arguru, Marmontherder
18 Loss
Game Detail 8/22/2013
7:29 PM EDT
Random 4v4 Twilight Ruins
Allies: OffSPrlNg, Mahturdalini, Snumak.
Opponents: yert, wuffle_t, bundas, sawce
17 Loss
Game Detail 8/22/2013
9:27 AM EDT
Random 4v4 Battleground
Allies: Cpt_Hornblower, chasedown, B-19
Opponents: WhiteDwarf21, DelatReg, 2000, Teishu
11 Win

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