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Sunken Ruins Tournament Information
Frozen Throne

3.1's Full Games Listing:
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Game DateGame TypeMapPlayersGame LengthResult
Game Detail 8/17/2013
1:06 PM WEDT
Random 3v3 Bloodstone Mesa
Allies: n1co, Milli
Opponents: mementomori_msk, tazmanian31, n4th4lie
4 Loss
Game Detail 8/17/2013
1:02 PM WEDT
Random 3v3 Hinterland Raid
Allies: DIP-Reno, Lukas01
Opponents: kasidi_rus, mario773, itkwhenpink
10 Loss
Game Detail 8/17/2013
12:50 PM WEDT
Random 3v3 Gnoll Wood
Allies: STK.Fire, ADAForever
Opponents: Hurtz, gmonator, wiseguy13
22 Loss
Game Detail 8/17/2013
12:31 PM WEDT
Random 3v3 Dragonblight
Allies: Schnitzelbub, N1D0
Opponents: Hugin-Munin, SolOfOrUp, wiseguy13
8 Loss
Game Detail 8/17/2013
12:27 PM WEDT
Random 3v3 River Of Souls
Allies: ADAForever, Eugen
Opponents: myBMhuntsUdown-, Lukas01, glored
0 Loss
Game Detail 8/17/2013
1:53 AM WEDT
Random 3v3 Copper Canyon
Allies: Juushiro, gggggG
Opponents: OTcTpeJI, M-temen, MATACABRAS
16 Win
Game Detail 8/17/2013
1:34 AM WEDT
Random 3v3 Upper Kingdom
Allies: ForGlory, akimotho
Opponents: hadabadday, Thorquelosoy, In_exile
27 Win
Game Detail 8/17/2013
1:06 AM WEDT
Random 3v3 Copper Canyon
Allies: fabiitch, Halecks
Opponents: warrio, babylon.circus, Thorquelosoy
16 Tie
Game Detail 8/17/2013
12:52 AM WEDT
Random 3v3 Mur'gul Oasis
Allies: Shige, Dr.Backseat
Opponents: CB_Golden, LiZARD_KiNG, live81
19 Loss
Game Detail 8/17/2013
12:32 AM WEDT
Random 3v3 Copper Canyon
Allies: Scr3amy, Tinfield
Opponents: BoBeRua, KrixusLeGaulois, psiikomat
8 Loss
Game Detail 8/17/2013
12:25 AM WEDT
Random 3v3 Highperch
Allies: NightsWatch, djomlajz
Opponents: ElBimbo, XxSaSuKexX, LOL_123
6 Loss
Game Detail 8/17/2013
12:15 AM WEDT
Random 3v3 Hinterland Raid
Allies: AdonG, Gorman256
Opponents: pichu70, tazmanian31, Ez3kiel
1 Loss
Game Detail 8/17/2013
12:13 AM WEDT
Random 3v3 Monsoon
Allies: Suffocated, POMKA
Opponents: THEBOSS_nono, adsasdasdasd, justei.
15 Loss

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