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Sunken Ruins Tournament Information
Frozen Throne

Shadow.Pig's Full Games Listing:
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Game DateGame TypeMapPlayersGame LengthResult
Game Detail 7/15/2009
5:13 PM WEDT
Random 3v3 Rice Fields
Allies: DaveTheWizard, HarryKlein
Opponents: HodenHeinor, PhGp-SnaKeZ, Vision18
9 Win
Game Detail 7/13/2009
1:56 AM WEDT
Random 3v3 Rice Fields
Allies: OnToVedel, Spacz[3r]
Opponents: kastet1971, Vulcain-AEC, JimPanse87
18 Win
Game Detail 3/23/2009
9:00 PM WEST
Arranged 3v3 Dragonblight
Allies: celalia[v], Tunz0r
Opponents: royd.Joe, royd.w_tom, ubaspsychocs
16 Win
Game Detail 3/23/2009
8:42 PM WEST
Arranged 3v3 Bloodstone Mesa
Allies: celalia[v], Tunz0r
Opponents: No.CrY)I(Finish, Tibbo, Xaviert
11 Win
Game Detail 3/23/2009
8:30 PM WEST
Arranged 3v3 Highperch
Allies: celalia[v], Tunz0r
Opponents: Dzi(4.sHd, Go[RusH, MeliLoveYou
11 Loss
Game Detail 3/23/2009
8:16 PM WEST
Arranged 3v3 Gnoll Wood
Allies: celalia[v], Tunz0r
Opponents: b1tch-lutsch111, McGoEbbELs, MChemd
24 Win
Game Detail 3/23/2009
7:50 PM WEST
Arranged 3v3 River Of Souls
Allies: celalia[v], Tunz0r
Opponents: 09h_FFA, S-Farmoza.xS, Xa4y_TTuBa
11 Loss
Game Detail 8/18/2008
3:55 PM WEDT
Random 3v3 Bloodstone Mesa
Allies: TheShinySheep, tarzanal
Opponents: DieQualle, Zhenya_noob, snooper_
20 Win

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