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Sunken Ruins Tournament Information
Frozen Throne

Style-Game's Full Games Listing:
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Game DateGame TypeMapPlayersGame LengthResult
Game Detail 10/19/2014
9:24 PM WEDT
Random 4v4 Battleground
Allies: zxc111111, Tasur, JohnnyDanger
Opponents: stijnie113, Gy122, TheNorthernNoob, aerisxxx
16 Win
Game Detail 8/10/2014
10:50 AM WEDT
Random 4v4 Market Square
Allies: Dunno678, RefleXx,
Opponents: rickyticky, Zabuza0Momochi, Face_Reality_, PORSCHISTE
45 Loss
Game Detail 8/9/2014
7:42 PM WEDT
Random 4v4 Dragon Falls
Allies: M]aximu[M, benj3338, SL_4v4.king
Opponents: AvailableHealer, es4x.oldfashion, allysBestNoobs, TheSchtroumpf
23 Loss
Game Detail 8/9/2014
6:01 PM WEDT
Random 4v4 Cherryville
Allies: fsdgvsvx, Peperlecha, el_romanao
Opponents: TeamSucksSorry, DeneMutt, liongreen, peacefull
18 Loss
Game Detail 8/9/2014
5:26 PM WEDT
Random 4v4 Market Square
Allies: hyypia, TheMilkMansSon, Valdee
Opponents: muxa33, tux, smic, FunnyOrc
20 Loss
Game Detail 8/9/2014
5:04 PM WEDT
Random 4v4 Deadlands
Allies: Protoss_Zeratul, SideTracked, Ork_Berseker
Opponents: 2014sucks, 1245., the.bouchers, emeline
21 Win
Game Detail 8/8/2014
10:00 PM WEDT
Random 4v4 Twilight Ruins
Allies: Backinthegame59, Bostonlow, VPtrain
Opponents: you-are-gay, Ums[PRO]x, Kned, NyZen
18 Win
Game Detail 8/8/2014
9:38 PM WEDT
Random 4v4 Deadlands
Allies: ADAWADAWADAWW, WiseMonk, kojot
Opponents: SUSUperogre, Warlord777, WitherOnTheWine, nikicool
19 Loss
Game Detail 8/8/2014
7:21 AM WEDT
Solo Echo Isles
Opponents: dima111
14 Loss
Game Detail 8/7/2014
8:38 PM WEDT
Random 4v4 Market Square
Allies: giperion[rus], huczpan, iCANbeatEASYai
Opponents: backafter10year, DADFETUS, Alteru, Galazka
18 Loss
Game Detail 8/7/2014
4:10 PM WEDT
Random 4v4 Twilight Ruins
Allies: TricKpaT, Blue.IllIdan, FX-troll
Opponents: VanDani,, Boardlock, A1oha
21 Loss
Game Detail 8/6/2014
2:56 PM WEDT
Random 4v4 Dragon Falls
Allies: Orodo, Ulkatur, Uncle_Jack
Opponents: BeW_GODFATHER, chitizen, slode., POWERGAY
17 Loss
Game Detail 5/9/2014
9:06 PM WEDT
Random 4v4 Death Knell
Allies: whoopi, WiseMonk, applecake
Opponents: Robtarded39354, buttor, iheart_dnb, dragon_noir_974
17 Win
Game Detail 5/4/2014
9:34 AM WEDT
Random 4v4 Golems In The Mist
Allies: Sponderi, Volk1989, Huskar
Opponents: ANAL_CARNAVAL, Maximus., viakisuno, gumirik
20 Win
Game Detail 5/1/2014
6:28 PM WEDT
Random 4v4 Twilight Ruins
Allies: cos, SKARAMANGA, harpo
Opponents: rapidoats, turbulance, ampire, cnGO.KrawieC
4 Loss
Game Detail 4/23/2014
7:52 PM WEDT
Random 4v4 Dragon Falls
Allies: ZeR0CoO1), pocoyo, wesley_sneijder
Opponents: Chieftain.DoF, santaklausss, SuperNuubie, Casa
15 Loss
Game Detail 4/23/2014
7:32 PM WEDT
Random 4v4 Dragon Falls
Allies: ShamanLing, DontHitMe, Eichelkaese.
Opponents: nischii, cyberwolw, gay-noob, bajs
0 Win
Game Detail 2/1/2014
9:36 AM WEST
Random 4v4 Deadlock
Allies: Force, OneWinneR, NewWyrms
Opponents: StormHammer_, avatar-of-woe, TPAXAPb, qazerty
23 Loss
Game Detail 12/2/2013
8:39 PM WEST
Random 4v4 Dragon Falls
Allies: 50Sven, OscensePower, 98a21
Opponents: SaintElectrics, vice_nagina, saw_blade, SunJ_070
36 Win
Game Detail 12/1/2013
11:40 AM WEST
Random 4v4 Cherryville
Allies: AlazhAr, PPP.LeWaN, megakill47
Opponents: mirmidonec, ger6740, mumak, DanteXIII
17 Win

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