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Sunken Ruins Tournament Information
Frozen Throne

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Reports On This Page:
  • 2v2 Random Team Maps
  • 3v3 Random Team Maps
  • 4v4 Random Team Maps
  • 2v2 Random Team Maps:
    MapAvg. Game LengthGamesWinsLossesWin %Total XpAvg. Xp
    Centaur Grove10 Minutes110100.00 %130130
    Goldshire9 Minutes1010.00 %-33-33
    Moonglade17 Minutes1010.00 %-28-28
    Tidewater Glades16 Minutes110100.00 %116116
    Tranquil Paths25 Minutes110100.00 %137137

    3v3 Random Team Maps:
    MapAvg. Game LengthGamesWinsLossesWin %Total XpAvg. Xp
    Bloodstone Mesa17 Minutes31233.30 %5819
    Dragonblight22 Minutes32166.70 %13545
    Everfrost24 Minutes2020.00 %-29-15
    Gnoll Wood16 Minutes110100.00 %8383
    Highperch16 Minutes21150.00 %4322
    Monsoon21 Minutes1010.00 %-17-17
    Rice Fields21 Minutes220100.00 %250125
    Silverpine Forest19 Minutes1010.00 %-18-18
    Typhoon23 Minutes31233.30 %11338
    Upper Kingdom25 Minutes1010.00 %-10-10

    4v4 Random Team Maps:
    MapAvg. Game LengthGamesWinsLossesWin %Total XpAvg. Xp
    Battleground15 Minutes122674754.90 %5,25443
    Battleground_ L V15 Minutes135838.50 %39630
    Blasted Lands22 Minutes1010.00 %-10-10
    Cherryville19 Minutes142677347.20 %4,20930
    Deadlands15 Minutes80433353.70 %2,56132
    Deadlock18 Minutes144627643.10 %3,56825
    Deadlock_ L V14 Minutes102820.00 %263
    Death Knell21 Minutes75423056.00 %2,62335
    Dragon Falls18 Minutes114486242.10 %3,04127
    Feralas_ L V20 Minutes75271.40 %51073
    Friends18 Minutes30171256.70 %1,83661
    Full Scale Assault21 Minutes111525646.80 %3,12528
    Gold Rush20 Minutes41221753.70 %2,04550
    Golems In The Mist18 Minutes106525349.10 %3,46833
    Golems In The Mist_ L V19 Minutes85362.50 %41752
    Hurricane Isle33 Minutes550100.00 %529106
    Last Man Standing21 Minutes2391239.10 %54724
    Market Square19 Minutes146697547.30 %4,63732
    Mur'gul Oasis14 Minutes111615055.00 %4,06837
    Mur'gul Oasis_ L V16 Minutes84450.00 %23730
    Northshire_ L V17 Minutes63350.00 %26043
    Sanctuary_ L V23 Minutes96366.70 %56062
    Slalom22 Minutes116554.50 %62557
    Twilight Ruins18 Minutes81374345.70 %1,69421
    Twilight Ruins_ L V15 Minutes72528.60 %7210

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