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Sunken Ruins Tournament Information
Frozen Throne

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Reports On This Page:
  • 2v2 Random Team Maps
  • 3v3 Random Team Maps
  • 4v4 Random Team Maps
  • 2v2 Random Team Maps:
    MapAvg. Game LengthGamesWinsLossesWin %Total XpAvg. Xp
    Avalanche16 Minutes76403552.60 %1,45619
    Centaur Grove17 Minutes1988710843.90 %1,5418
    Duskwood18 Minutes72333945.80 %72210
    Excavation Site14 Minutes93533.30 %-58-6
    Gnoll Wood17 Minutes22210111945.50 %2,0589
    Goldshire17 Minutes1989410247.50 %2,42712
    Lost Temple18 Minutes23911612248.50 %2,71611
    Moonglade17 Minutes137696650.40 %1,76613
    Phantom Grove18 Minutes24713011452.60 %3,35314
    Stonecold Mountain19 Minutes110100.00 %8484
    Tidewater Glades16 Minutes64352954.70 %5218
    Tranquil Paths19 Minutes58302851.70 %3486
    Turtle Rock16 Minutes24212811152.90 %3,75216
    Twisted Meadows18 Minutes24010813145.00 %1,8428
    Wetlands16 Minutes70303942.90 %741

    3v3 Random Team Maps:
    MapAvg. Game LengthGamesWinsLossesWin %Total XpAvg. Xp
    Bloodstone Mesa18 Minutes152658542.80 %1,85912
    Copper Canyon17 Minutes164946957.30 %5,24432
    Dragonblight19 Minutes121665454.50 %3,06425
    Everfrost19 Minutes148747350.00 %2,87519
    Gnoll Wood18 Minutes158817751.30 %3,49222
    Highperch17 Minutes137795857.70 %3,77028
    Hinterland Raid15 Minutes148457.10 %71951
    Monsoon20 Minutes176839247.20 %2,80016
    Mur'gul Oasis20 Minutes86275.00 %50063
    Plains Of Snow20 Minutes31233.30 %3010
    Rice Fields18 Minutes141657446.10 %1,67712
    River Of Souls11 Minutes93633.30 %31835
    Silverpine Forest18 Minutes152718146.70 %2,50516
    Sunrock Cove17 Minutes100455445.00 %1,40614
    Typhoon17 Minutes147727349.00 %3,16722
    Upper Kingdom18 Minutes181869247.50 %3,33618

    4v4 Random Team Maps:
    MapAvg. Game LengthGamesWinsLossesWin %Total XpAvg. Xp
    Gold Rush11 Minutes110100.00 %6060
    Slalom22 Minutes110100.00 %6161

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