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Sunken Ruins Tournament Information
Frozen Throne

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Reports On This Page:
  • 2v2 Random Team Maps
  • 3v3 Random Team Maps
  • 4v4 Random Team Maps
  • 2v2 Random Team Maps:
    MapAvg. Game LengthGamesWinsLossesWin %Total XpAvg. Xp
    Avalanche13 Minutes36132336.10 %92526
    Centaur Grove15 Minutes32141843.80 %1,12835
    Deadwaterdrop9 Minutes1010.00 %-12-12
    Dragon Mountain3 Minutes110100.00 %151151
    Duskwood14 Minutes24101441.70 %66928
    Excavation Site15 Minutes29111837.90 %62021
    Gnoll Wood15 Minutes147727449.00 %5,17135
    Goldshire15 Minutes148776952.00 %5,55838
    Hearthglen Hills17 Minutes110100.00 %140140
    Lost Temple16 Minutes1781047358.40 %7,80444
    Phantom Grove15 Minutes91484352.70 %3,56739
    River Of Souls14 Minutes2516964.00 %1,29452
    Stonecold Mountain17 Minutes146742.90 %43231
    Tidewater Glades14 Minutes74393452.70 %2,85039
    Tranquil Paths16 Minutes77463059.70 %3,88850
    Turtle Rock15 Minutes156787850.00 %5,84137
    Twisted Meadows14 Minutes178849347.20 %5,32230
    Wetlands13 Minutes96524354.20 %3,59037

    3v3 Random Team Maps:
    MapAvg. Game LengthGamesWinsLossesWin %Total XpAvg. Xp
    Bloodstone Mesa12 Minutes110100.00 %112112
    Copper Canyon19 Minutes110100.00 %146146
    Monsoon17 Minutes21150.00 %12060
    Silverpine Forest16 Minutes3030.00 %-46-15
    Upper Kingdom18 Minutes1010.00 %-17-17

    4v4 Random Team Maps:
    MapAvg. Game LengthGamesWinsLossesWin %Total XpAvg. Xp
    Battleground22 Minutes21150.00 %6231
    Cherryville32 Minutes1010.00 %-22-22
    Deadlock29 Minutes110100.00 %9393
    Dragon Falls19 Minutes110100.00 %7979
    Full Scale Assault27 Minutes32166.70 %12241
    Golems In The Mist22 Minutes1010.00 %-24-24
    Market Square22 Minutes2020.00 %-51-26
    Mur'gul Oasis20 Minutes1010.00 %-23-23
    Twilight Ruins28 Minutes3030.00 %-79-26

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