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Sunken Ruins Tournament Information
Frozen Throne

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Reports On This Page:
  • 2v2 Random Team Maps
  • 3v3 Random Team Maps
  • 4v4 Random Team Maps
  • 2v2 Random Team Maps:
    MapAvg. Game LengthGamesWinsLossesWin %Total XpAvg. Xp
    Avalanche15 Minutes169756.30 %86154
    Centaur Grove16 Minutes110545549.10 %2,25020
    Duskwood18 Minutes1951426.30 %33217
    Excavation Site16 Minutes67362953.70 %1,31020
    Gnoll Wood16 Minutes1911028753.40 %4,31423
    Goldshire17 Minutes160867353.70 %3,82924
    Lost Temple18 Minutes20310010349.30 %4,14720
    Moonglade15 Minutes86434150.00 %2,14625
    Phantom Grove17 Minutes173868549.70 %3,25819
    River Of Souls14 Minutes1551033.30 %35924
    Stonecold Mountain16 Minutes2291340.90 %95744
    Tidewater Glades15 Minutes117615452.10 %1,75715
    Tranquil Paths18 Minutes112634756.30 %2,23520
    Turtle Rock14 Minutes175789744.60 %2,32213
    Twisted Meadows15 Minutes21110310548.80 %3,68417
    Wetlands14 Minutes135637146.70 %1,55612

    3v3 Random Team Maps:
    MapAvg. Game LengthGamesWinsLossesWin %Total XpAvg. Xp
    Bloodstone Mesa15 Minutes155933.30 %24917
    Copper Canyon16 Minutes1810855.60 %70639
    Dragonblight19 Minutes106460.00 %40641
    Everfrost18 Minutes129375.00 %70859
    Gnoll Wood16 Minutes117463.60 %47843
    Highperch17 Minutes167843.80 %39525
    Monsoon18 Minutes114736.40 %18617
    Mur'gul Oasis16 Minutes21150.00 %8040
    Plains Of Snow15 Minutes21150.00 %12965
    Rice Fields18 Minutes1331023.10 %403
    Silverpine Forest18 Minutes145935.70 %18613
    Sunrock Cove13 Minutes83537.50 %17822
    Typhoon18 Minutes117463.60 %42338
    Upper Kingdom16 Minutes1771041.20 %41825

    4v4 Random Team Maps:
    MapAvg. Game LengthGamesWinsLossesWin %Total XpAvg. Xp
    This player has not played any Random 4v4 Team Games

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