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Sunken Ruins Tournament Information
Frozen Throne

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Reports On This Page:
  • 2v2 Random Team Maps
  • 3v3 Random Team Maps
  • 4v4 Random Team Maps
  • 2v2 Random Team Maps:
    MapAvg. Game LengthGamesWinsLossesWin %Total XpAvg. Xp
    Avalanche_ L V12 Minutes81712.50 %-99-12
    Bridge Too Near_ L V12 Minutes63350.00 %9215
    Centaur Grove11 Minutes330100.00 %20669
    Duskwood_ L V4 Minutes21150.00 %126
    Gnoll Wood8 Minutes32166.70 %9632
    Goldshire20 Minutes110100.00 %138138
    Lost Temple11 Minutes115645.50 %343
    Phantom Grove_ L V19 Minutes73442.90 %416
    Synergy Big Paved9 Minutes1010.00 %-41-41
    Tidewater Glades0 Minutes1000.00 %00
    Tidewater Glades_ L V15 Minutes62433.30 %224
    Turtle Rock12 Minutes83537.50 %-39-5
    Twisted Meadows10 Minutes74357.10 %7411
    Wetlands6 Minutes21150.00 %12563

    3v3 Random Team Maps:
    MapAvg. Game LengthGamesWinsLossesWin %Total XpAvg. Xp
    Bloodstone Mesa36 Minutes110100.00 %143143
    Dragonblight24 Minutes1010.00 %-10-10
    Everfrost0 Minutes110100.00 %142142
    Gnoll Wood16 Minutes21150.00 %13065
    Highperch14 Minutes330100.00 %436145
    Monsoon16 Minutes1010.00 %-10-10
    Sunrock Cove15 Minutes110100.00 %146146
    Typhoon7 Minutes21150.00 %13568
    Upper Kingdom20 Minutes1010.00 %-10-10

    4v4 Random Team Maps:
    MapAvg. Game LengthGamesWinsLossesWin %Total XpAvg. Xp
    Battleground20 Minutes72428.60 %19628
    Battleground_ L V16 Minutes31131841.90 %48216
    Blasted Lands19 Minutes1441028.60 %917
    Cherryville20 Minutes96366.70 %70678
    Deadlock18 Minutes96366.70 %71479
    Deadlock_ L V18 Minutes1710758.80 %46027
    Dragon Falls18 Minutes105550.00 %54254
    Feralas_ L V14 Minutes29141548.30 %76426
    Friends19 Minutes2291140.90 %58126
    Full Scale Assault19 Minutes103630.00 %30130
    Gold Rush20 Minutes2181338.10 %36517
    Golems In The Mist21 Minutes109190.00 %1,184118
    Golems In The Mist_ L V16 Minutes2381534.80 %2189
    Market Square15 Minutes34181552.90 %1,58847
    Mur'gul Oasis16 Minutes220100.00 %250125
    Mur'gul Oasis_ L V14 Minutes22101245.50 %763
    Northshire_ L V18 Minutes30151550.00 %64722
    Sanctuary_ L V17 Minutes23121152.20 %45920
    Slalom28 Minutes110100.00 %134134
    Twilight Ruins_ L V21 Minutes94544.40 %19321

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