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Clan Ladder Rules

Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Clan Ladder Scoring
When you begin clan ladder play on, your clan begins at level 1 with 0 experience points (XP), much like a Hero character in Warcraft III. A clan member in good standing who wins an Anonymous Matchmaking game will give the clan XP, and the clan will begin to climb in levels.

Note that clan members with the rank of peon cannot contribute to or detract from a clan's XP. Normally, newly invited clan members maintain the rank of peon for one week before moving to grunt rank. For the purposes of the beta test, peon status only lasts 30 minutes. However, if a clan member is demoted to peon rank, then that demotion lasts until the peon is promoted again.

There are four clan ladders corresponding to the following four game types on One vs. One, Arranged Two vs. Two, Arranged Three vs. Three, and Arranged Four vs. Four. Ladder ranking is based on a clan's XP. In order for an Arranged Team game to count as a win or loss for the clan, all team members must be eligible (that is, non-peon) members of the same clan. If members of the same clan are on multiple teams, then the game will not count as a win or loss for that clan.

Experience Points and Levels
A clan gains clan XP at the end of a game in which a clan member or team won, and a clan loses clan XP at the end of a game in which a clan member or team lost. The clan can lose levels when it loses games, but it can never go below level 1 and 0 XP.

Game winners receive clan XP based on a number of different factors, and losers lose clan XP based on the same factors. Essentially, though, low-level players who defeat high-level players will gain more XP for the clan, and high-level players who defeat low-level players will gain less XP for the clan. For Arranged Team games, the team's level is an average of the individual levels of all the teammates.

Also, the clan XP received or lost when a clan member or team plays a game is scaled based on the clan member's level. In general, higher-level clan members and teams are rewarded significantly more clan ladder XP for a win than lower-level clan members and teams. Defeats of a higher-level clan member or team also generally result in a larger loss of clan XP than defeats of a lower-level clan member or team. At levels 1 through 9, the penalty for losing a game is reduced.

Each time a clan member or team defeats an equal-level opponent, the clan gains roughly twice the XP that it loses when a clan member or team is defeated by an equal-level opponent. Thus, even if a clan member wins exactly 50% of his or her games, the member will still contribute positively to the clan's overall XP.

Once per week at a set time, every clan loses 10% of its XP in each ladder. This decay of clan XP means that a clan must actively play games every week to maintain its XP and corresponding level.

While the clan can continue to accumulate XP for 50th-level play, there are currently no clan levels above 50. Experience gained at level 50 does serve as a buffer to prevent loss of 50th level from weekly clan XP decay.

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