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Clan Information

Clan Overview now provides support for players of Warcraft III to form their own clans. Clans are groups of 10 to 100 players who wish to affiliate together under the leadership of a Chieftain. provides clans with their own private channels and profiles, as well as a ladder to rate the overall play of the clan. Every clan also has a unique clan abbreviation that is displayed after the names of the members.

Creating a New Clan
While in chat, a user can view his or her own clan status by selecting the Clan tab above the player listing. Any user not already in a clan has the opportunity to form a new Warcraft III clan by selecting the "Create Clan" button at the bottom of the dialog. will then prompt the user for the full name and abbreviation of the new clan. The clan's full name cannot exceed 64 characters in length. The clan abbreviation can be from 2 to 4 characters in length. Clan abbreviations can only use the characters A-Z and 0-9.

After the user has selected the new clan's name and abbreviation, performs a check to see if the proposed names are available for use. While multiple clans are allowed to have the same full name, the clan abbreviation is unique to the clan. If approves the name and abbreviation, the clan creator must invite his or her initial clan members into the guild through the Clan Invitation dialog during the next 30 seconds.

The Clan Invitation dialog will display users who are mutual friends of the clan creator, as well as any users who are in the same private chat channel as the clan creator. The clan creator must select at least nine users from the list before will allow the creator to hit the "Invite" button. Once the clan creator selects the "Invite" button, the invited clan members have 30 seconds to accept the invitation into the clan. If fewer than nine users accept the invitation after the 30-second invitation period has expired, then the clan will not be created. If nine or more users do accept invitation into the clan, then the new clan will be formed with the clan creator as Chieftain and the invited users as Peons

After the clan creation process is finished, the members of the new clan automatically switch chat channels to their new private clan channel. The Chieftain may not disband the newly formed clan until 7 days have passed.

Note that a user cannot create or join more than one clan per week, since they may not leave a clan upon joining until 7 days have passed.

Clan Membership Ranks
There are four ranks of clan members: Chieftain, Shaman, Grunt, and Peon. The Chieftain is the undisputed leader of the clan. To help manage the clan, the Chieftain may also have up to 5 Shaman officers.

Clan Chieftains and Shaman can perform any of the following actions:

  • Invite or remove clan members
  • Promote or demote members between Peon and Grunt status.
  • Modify the clan profile information and message of the day
  • Set the clan channel to be open or closed to users outside the clan.

Clan Chieftains also have the following additional options:

  • Designate a new Clan Chieftain
  • Disband the clan
  • Promote a Grunt to a Shaman, or demote a Shaman to a Grunt.

The bulk of clan membership consists of Grunts. These members have no special privileges, but all of their non-custom games count towards the clan's rating on the Clan Ladder.

Peons are also members of the clan, but unlike games played by Grunts, games played by a Peon do not count towards the Clan's rating on the Clan Ladder. Newly invited members of a clan have the Peon status for one week before their status in the clan can be modified.





Clan Member Listing
Selecting the Clan tab while in the main chat room will display a full listing of the clan's membership. This listing works in a similar fashion to the Friends list, showing each clan member's online or offline status. Right-clicking on a clan member's name on the list will also display a menu of commands associated with that user. The rank of a clan member is displayed with a special icon to the left of the clan member's name, with the Chieftain at the top of the list.

The Clan Chieftain and Shaman also have an additional option at the bottom of the member listing: Clan Management. Selecting this option replaces the member listing with a dialog where the Chieftain and Shaman can perform clan actions such as setting the clan message of the day, and changing the status of the clan chat channel.

Clan Chat Channel
Every clan has a private chat channel for use by clan members. The Clan Chieftain and Shaman can set the channel to only allow clan members to join the channel, or they may open up the channel to entry by other users. The channel's status may be changed by use of the "/clan private" and "/clan public" chat commands.

The clan chat channel also becomes the default channel for clan members when they log on to The Chieftain or Shaman of a clan may set a message of the day that clan members will see upon logging onto and entering the clan channel. This message of the day is also set through the Clan Management dialog.

Clan Upkeep
More Info Coming Soon.

Clan Profile
Clan Profiles are accessible by viewing the web profile of any clan member, and clicking on their clan name. A player's clan profile may also be accessed by clicking on the clan abbreviation next to their name when it appears on any of the ladder or tournament result pages on the web.

The Clan Profile currently shows a list of the members in a clan, as well as the last time a member logged onto Additional information will become available on the profile in the future.

Clan Ladder
With the release of the 1.15 patch for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, there are now clan ladders that rate the relative prowess and prestige of clans in solo and arranged team play. More information about the clan ladders can be found here.

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