Cost: 330 / 200 (upgrade)
HP: 2000
Armor: 2 / 7
Build Time: 140
Food: 10
Damage: 60-74
Type: Normal
Range: Melee
Cooldown: 2.5

Tree of Eternity
The final upgrade to this Night Elf Town Hall is the Tree of Eternity. The Tree of Eternity enables research of the highest-level upgrades and units. The Tree of Eternity is also the strongest of the mighty Ancients. When rooted, the Tree of Eternity may use the Entangle Goldmine ability to extract gold. Like all Ancients, the Tree of Eternity can use the
Eat Tree

Gives a constant, non-stacking healing effect of 500 hit points over 30 seconds.
Eat Tree ability when uprooted to regain lost HP.

Units Produced:

60 / 1
Basic worker unit. Can harvest gold and lumber, create Night Elf buildings and Renew. Can Detonate to dispel magic, hurt summoned creatures and drain mana in an area.


Upgrades Available:
Nature's Blessing

150 / 200
Upgrade Time: 60 sec.
Upgrades all Ancients' and Treants movement speed and armor.

50 / 25
Requires: Ancient of Wonders
Upgrade Time: 20 sec.
Gives specific Night Elf ground units the ability to carry items.

Nature's Blessing


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