Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
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Cain's Corner

Cain's Corner Mephisto's Lair
Adventurers fighting in the Durance of Hate may have spotted strange, ghost-like creatures. These "Evil Forces" guard Mephisto and the Infernal gate to the Pandemonium Fortress. Evil Forces can attack and kill those who dare to stick around after Mephisto's demise. The most skilled and tenacious warriors might be able to kill an Evil Force, however, they will discover that the reward is not worth the effort. Some speculate that Evil Forces have some other purpose such as to reveal the way to a hidden world however they are simply a mindless pawn of Mephisto like many of the people of Kurast.
Cain's Corner Secret Rooms in the Monastery
The Rogues were careful when designing the Monastery, creating a series of "secret" rooms. These hidden alcoves were constructed in their Jail to hide both gold and treasure from would-be thieves. Many of these rooms have not yet been discovered by the forces of Andariel that took over the Monastery. Adventurers can gain access to these secret rooms (if they can find them) and then take the treasures stored there for themselves.

To find a secret room, closely watch the Automap for a room-sized area that appears to have no doors. Walk around the "room", clicking on the exterior walls. If there is a secret room, a door will slide away revealing the secret entrance. Particularly attentive adventurers can even spot the correct wall to click as it looks slightly different than the rest.

This walled area is in a good location to hold a secret room.

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Clicking on the wall reveals the secret door.

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A room filled with treasure!

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There appears to be gold behind this wall, but there is no door to get to the treasure -- or is there?

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Clicking on the wall reveals a secret door.

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Cain's Corner Just as the Lord of all Terror brings life to nightmares, so too can he imbue inanimate objects with his vile presence. Culled from the desecrated churches, Stained Glass Windows can sometimes be found on the Mesas in Hell. These panes of colored glass are not what they appear, however -- they are actually alive! Don't worry, adventurer, they lack both mobility and knowledge of the arcane arts and so, they cannot attack you. Perhaps, they too are used to alert the demons of the underworld of unwanted visitors...
Cain's Corner The agents of evil are everywhere in these dark days and, whether you have been aware of it or not, you are being watched! Between the River of Flame and the Archangel Hadriel stands a row of statues, guarding the way to The Chaos Sanctuary. As you pass each statue, take notice as they turn their head and follow you with their icy stares. What purpose could they serve? Perhaps they are the eyes of Diablo himself!
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