Blaze on December 22, 2005

SOLDIER on December 30, 2005
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This week's spotlight map is Cube Defense by CordialSpam. This is a very fun map, especially if you love Tower Defense style maps and have a knack for "mazing."
Warring Marines have taken over Icecrown Glacier. Command your bomber force to destroy your opponent's town while scrambling to defend your own.

Download Bomber Command, a new bonus map for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.

SOLDIER on December 9, 2005
Our spotlight map this week is Run Kitty Run, a simple, but fun map of a feline persuasion. Download it and give it a whirl here.

We have also made some graphical changes to the Mod Support site.

  • Hall of Fame: Where the most prestigious maps will be added.
  • Spotlight: The most recent spotlight map will be separated and put on top of past spotlights. A icon will also be placed next to spotlight maps that have entered the Hall of Fame.
  • Contest box: There is now a contest box under the "Spotlight Maps" section, full of information and coverage on current contests.
SOLDIER on December 2, 2005
We have reviewed all of the entries and have now identified the winners of the Cinematic Contest! This was a very tough call, as many of these maps were outstanding. Below are the first-and second-place winners, along with the honorable mentions. Congratulations to all, and we look forward developing future contests for the Warcraft III modding community.

  • First place will receive a Razer Diamondback plus a Razer eXactmat Bundle Pak
  • Second place will receive a Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS
  • First Second
    Spirit of Vengeance
    Story: 9
    Presentation: 9
    Cinematography: 10
    Originality: 10
    Cleanliness: 9
    Total: 47
    Story: 10
    Presentation: 10
    Cinematography: 8
    Originality: 8
    Cleanliness: 9
    Total: 45

    Honorable Mention
    Waves of Blood
    Story: 7
    Presentation: 9
    Cinematography: 10
    Originality: 8
    Cleanliness: 8
    Total: 42
    Pact of Vengeance
    Story: 8
    Presentation: 9
    Cinematography: 8
    Originality: 6
    Cleanliness: 8
    Total: 39
    Chimes of War
    Story: 7
    Presentation: 8
    Cinematography: 7
    Originality: 8
    Cleanliness: 7
    Total: 37

    SOLDIER on November 30, 2005
    This map puts a new spin on the traditional Tower Defense style of maps. Download it, grab some friends, and fire Burbenog TD up! Read more about this map here and feel free to leave your feedback here.
    SOLDIER on November 11, 2005
    We are proud to spotlight Tides of Blood this week. This map has been around for some time and we would like to give it the credit it deserves! Let us and the authors know what you think in the forum.
    SOLDIER on November 4, 2005
    The Contest Rules to submit an entry into the Cinematic Map Contest have now been updated. Please note that the Cinematic Map Contest ends on November 18, so be sure to get crackin' on those entries.

    To submit a map for contention in the contest, send an email to with "CINEMATIC CONTEST" in the subject line of your e-mail, and be sure to include your entry as an e-mail attachment.

    SOLDIER on November 4, 2005
    We have added another tutorial from SD_Ryoko. We have also added TheHubb and Star Alliance to our links list. The major mod projects have also been listed under these links to make it easier to keep track of these awesome mods.

    Check the Resources page for the changes and additions.

    SOLDIER on October 17, 2005
    Blizzard is pleased to announce the first mapping contest: the Cinematic Map Contest! This contest will test your storytelling ability, cinematography, originality, and more. This contests theme is "Revenge!"
    SOLDIER on October 14, 2005
    With the launch of the new Mod Support website, Blizzard is proud to announce the first mapping contest! So get off your JASS and fire up the World Editor. The full rules and guidelines will be announced soon. Please keep checking back for more information and prizes!
    SOLDIER on October 7, 2005
    Blizzard is proud to unveil the Mod Support website. Ever since Warcraft II first launched, the community has been creating its own incredible maps for the Warcraft series. With Warcraft III, we have seen even more creative, original, and technically impressive uses of the World Editor. The Mod Support site is being created to give something back to the community. We will offer contests, resources, designer journals, and of course, proper recognition to those outstanding authors for creating some of the greatest mods for Warcraft III.

    We will be working with several leading sites in the community to make sure no maps are missed. These sites have been very gracious and helpful, and we would like to give them the credit they deserve.

    Check back for more information on contests, news, and some of the best maps ever made for Warcraft III!
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