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This collection of enlarged map images is provided to give players a better knowledge and understanding of the maps most commonly played in multi-player games of StarCraft.

Top players learn every detail about the maps they play. This added knowledge significantly increases their ability to understand the tactics and strategies required for competitive StarCraft play. Learning all of the starting positions on a map is vital for not only knowing the possible starting locations for enemy towns, but -- when coupled with the locations of additional resource spots - also provides the knowledge of where to go in order to harvest additional resources. Memorizing out-of-the-way resource points can be important when staging a surprise attack. Often players will discover previously unnoticed characteristics about maps they have played on several times. With these enlarged map images players can find the shortest path to tactically advantageous locations, note high ground, locate ramps and record other important terrain features that can be used to their advantage.

Although these enlarged views are created using an internal development tool not available to the public, the process basically takes a multiple screen shots of the game map and connects them together into a single .pcx file that can upwards of 20-80 MB in size. This file is then resized in Photoshop and placed onto our website for download.

Many players have found it useful to print their favorite maps and place them by their computer for reference during play. Please note that these images may need to be resized to fit onto a standard sheet of paper or larger sized paper can be used.

Note: The Protoss Nexuses are used in many of these enlarged view maps. The Nexus was found to reduce the file size of the map as well as making the starting positions easier to spot because of their yellow color.

Original StarCraft Enlarged Map Images
Only Non Trigger-driven maps are listed.

Maps with links for names are Maps of the Week. Click on the name to download those maps (.SCMs only)
Brood War Enlarged Map Images
Lists All Brood War Maps. Multiplayer non-trigger Maps of the Week are also listed. (.SCX only)

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