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Why is Blizzard trying to shut down servers that emulate
Servers that emulate facilitate software piracy of Blizzard products by circumventing Blizzard's authentication code. Blizzard products are intellectual property, and we are well within our legal rights to protect our products from software piracy.

How do CD keys help reduce piracy?
Blizzard uses two main methods to combat piracy: disc-based copy protection and CD keys. As part of the login process, authenticates the user's CD key and prevents people from logging in with the same key or an invalid key.

Why doesn't Blizzard provide facilities that enable these emulators to authenticate CD keys through
In order for us to keep our proprietary CD-key algorithms secure, we cannot allow outside servers to query for the validity of CD keys.

What about software that hasn't been released yet? Wouldn't it be better to have as many people testing the beta version of Warcraft III as possible, even if they are playing on servers?
The primary purposes of the Warcraft III Beta are to get play-balance feedback and to test our servers. Our servers aren't tested if people are playing the Beta on rogue servers. Additionally, the Warcraft III Beta is not intended to be a product demo; when testing ends, we need the ability to terminate the Beta's functionality. Rogue servers eliminate our ability to expire beta versions of our products.

What about the hobbyists who are not pirating your software but just want to use these servers as an alternative to
Unfortunately, software pirates have spoiled this situation for hobbyists. We are constantly working to improve, and we sincerely hope that one day, no one will see any reason to seek alternatives to for playing Blizzard games.

Your games sell millions of copies. Why do you care if a few people pirate your software?
The sales success of a product should not exclude it from laws intended to protect intellectual property. Software piracy needs to be combated at all levels, and at Blizzard we intend to do our part to fight illegal distribution of copyrighted media.


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