Blaze on June 23, 2006

Blaze on June 30, 2006
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While studying the lost art of spellcraft, you will learn how to mix the elements of fire, water, storm, energy, light, darkness, and chaos into countless types of potent magics to destroy your enemies with. There are multiple different game modes to choose from for you and up to seven friends. Stop procrastinating acolyte, get to class!
In 3 Corridors you will play as the Dark or Light side with a choice of 11 heroes each. This fast paced game is simple: be to the first team to destroy the enemy castle! Your auto spawning creeps slowly grow more powerful over time and attack move to the enemy's base. Your job is to push down the corridor with them, and while you do so, earn lots of money to shop on items, mercenary creeps and tomes. Brave adventurers will find legendary items in dangerous caves guarded by champion monsters. Check it out here.
Blaze on June 16, 2006
Are you the 'Bomb' at Warcraft 3? If you think you are, download this map and show your friends who's their daddy. The gameplay is simple, if you have the Bomb...get rid of it!! Or else you go KABOOM!! Survive longer than your friends through varying modes of KABOOM gameplay to win!
Blaze on June 9, 2006
In Tech Wars, you have to build barracks, factories and gyrocopter pads that automatically spawn units and send them at your enemy! Each building has upgrades that will upgrade the units this building spawns. At the center of the map there are different technologies that you can capture, and as long as you control them you will be able to upgrade to even better units and buildings. You also have turrets that you can build and upgrade to protect your base. So whatever you do, don't lose your base, and use whatever you can to protect it! Be the first team to wipe out the other side to be victorious!
Blaze on June 2, 2006
Welcome to Enfo's Team Survival!! You and up to 7 friends will be able to play in today's challenge. After being split into two teams of up to 4 member each, you get to pick one of six different levels of diffculty to choose from. Then, choose 1 of 28 Heroes, each designed for spellcasting, hand-to-hand combat, or a little of both. Once the game begins your goal is to kill as many mobs as you can before they reach the middle, meanwhile using your crafty Spellbringer to disrupt the other team's effort. If your team can survive longer than the other team, you will be victorious! Check out the map here.
SOLDIER on June 1, 2006
A while back, we gave you the chance to work with the Warcraft III World Editor in our last mapmaking contest. We received many incredible maps, so it seemed only fair to hold another mapmaking contest to give you another opportunity to compete with your fellow map creators. Your new mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to take any kind of professional sport (no Tetherball maps, sorry!) and turn it into a fun and exciting Warcraft III map using the Warcraft III World Editor. We'll be offering cool hardware and software prizes to the top three submissions.

For complete rules, prizes, and information, please visit the contest webpage here.

Good luck; we're already looking forward to your submissions!

Blaze on May 26, 2006
Sept 27 2037.
"Four days since the outbreak, military efforts to contain the contamination are proceeding in full swing. Echo Company has been deployed to Sector E on a patrol mission. By the day's end their training and resolve will be put to the test."

Night of the Dead: Aftermath is a highly stylized survival game. Does your team have what is takes to survive??

Blaze on May 19, 2006
Welcome to Stone of Destiny TD! To win Stone of Destiny TD, you will have to get some of your friends to help out, then choose one of 3 difficulties. There are 9 races to pick from, each able to build 5 different towers. You will have to work together as a team to defend the Stone of Destiny from the mobs that will be running though your towers in the cascading layout! Do you have what it take to protect the Stone?
Blaze on May 12, 2006
Tonight's main event is the cerebral challenge known only as TOWER TOURNAMENT!

The main objective of Tower Tournament is to test your tower selection and mazing skills against the CPU or other players. You will be given several minutes to maze on one of nine randomly selected layouts, and your goal is to score as many points as you can for the enemies running though your maze of towers. Each round you will be given a set amount of gold to build as many towers as you can from the random selection of towers. Pick wisely, because once the round starts you cannot do anything but watch…and possibly talk smack! Each round you have to earn par and beat the other players, earning one to three points each time a mob is attacked by your towers. Be the one with the most points after nine rounds and you will be crowned the Tower Tournament Champion!

See you in the tournament!

Blaze on May 5, 2006
"Long ago, before the First War, the warlock Gul'dan exiled a clan of orcs called the Frostwolves to a hidden valley deep in the heart of the Alterac Mountains. It is here in the valley's southern reaches that the Frostwolves eked out a living until the coming of Thrall."

The heroic task to turn the tides of war that rages in the valley has been handed down to you. Ultimately, you must bring victory to your side and emblazon your place in history. Choose one of the four races you wish to represent, then one of five heroes classes, and then hurry to the battlegrounds!

Blaze on April 28, 2006
On a faraway island, a group of savage dinosaurs have survived for years unchallenged by all. Somehow, you find yourself right smack in the middle of all these dinosaurs, and your only hope of survival is to escape! Do you have what it takes to hold out till help gets there? Or will a T-Rex be having you for lunch?
Blaze on April 21, 2006
The Molten Core lies at the very heart of Blackrock Mountain, hidden deep in its depths. It is the exact spot where, long ago, Emperor Thaurissan summoned the elemental Firelord, Ragnaros, in a desperate bid to turn the tide of the dwarven civil war. Do you have what it takes to defeat the Firelord?
Blaze on April 14, 2006
Take me out to the ball game
Take me out to the crowd
Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks
I don't care if I ever get back
And it's root, root, root
for the home team
If they don't win, it's a shame
Cause it's one, two, three strikes
You're out
At the old ball game.
Blaze on April 7, 2006
Hey you! There's a party going on at Uther's place, and you're all invited! Get ready for some excitement, Uther-style! You and up to seven of your friends will get to partake in a variety of mini-games against each other. The party-goer that wins the most out of eight randomly selected games will be crowned the winner. Remember to stay for desserts; after the main event, the winner can pick any of the fifty mini-games! Check it out here.
Blaze on March 31, 2006
Welcome to Tower Wars! The objective of this map is to purchase suicidal mobs and run them through your opponents' maze of towers. By doing so you increase your periodic income, allowing you to purchase stronger mobs (and even some that attack the towers!) and upgrade your own towers. Check it out here.
Blaze on March 24, 2006
In X Hero Siege, your goal is to defend the castle until you kill the enemy lieutenants, and then to make a push into the heart of the enemy's fortifications to slay the evil boss. Check it out here.
Blaze on March 17, 2006
Element TD Survivor is a Tower Defense map where mastering the 6 elements Earth, Fire, Water, Nature, Light and Dark is key to victory. Check it out here.
Blaze on March 10, 2006
"Shall.. we.. play.. a.. game?"

"How.. about.. a.. nice.. game.. of.. chess?"
Blaze on March 3, 2006
Calling all Flag Runners! We need you! No, not you... you! You are needed in Flag Runners CTF! Your objective: penetrate the enemy's base and capture their flag. Check it out here.
Blaze on February 24, 2006
Today's spotlight map, Nature's Call – Circle Defense, is a highly stylized and unique tower defense map you can play on your own or with a group of friends. Pick one of four races to play and defend your huge circle against a wide variety of incoming mobs. Check it out here.
SOLDIER on February 17, 2006
The Blizzard map team has been gracious enough to write another designer tutorial. This latest installation details how we go about creating our melee maps for ladder and melee bonus map play. For those interested in melee map design, this tutorial will hold some very useful information to help jumpstart your mapmaking career. It is also a good read for those non-map authoring types. Check it out at the Mod Support Site along with our other Designer Tutorial on creating a Tower Defense Map.
Blaze on February 17, 2006
In today's spotlight map, Hero Line War, you choose from 15 unique Heroes to defend against the waves of mobs that your opponents are sending at you. Check it out here.
Blaze on February 10, 2006
Today's spotlight map, Dwarf Campaign, is a single-player RPG Campaign that sends the Dwarves of Khaz Modan on a quest to explore the unknown, in hopes of saving their ancestral homeland. Check it out here.
Blaze on February 3, 2006
In today's spotlight map, Ryoko TD, one to eight players defend their towers with mini-games every other wave. Check it out here.
Blaze on January 27, 2006
In today's spotlight map, Archer Stronghold, up to eight players are given the task to collectively defend a stronghold from waves of invading barbarians. Check it out here.
SOLDIER on January 20, 2006
Imagica RPG is our very first RPG mod to be spotlighted, but it's sure not to be our last. You can download it here and discuss it here.
SOLDIER on January 13, 2006
This week's spotlight map is Battle for Icecrown, an excellent Aeon of Strife map with many good heroes and a dynamic terrain system. Check out this map here.
SOLDIER on January 6, 2006
King of the Castle by Im_on_56k is this week's spotlight map. This a very fun survival/defense map where you send the mobs to harass your enemies, all while trying to survive the mobs sent by your enemies. Check it out here.
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