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A new chat command '/nopickup' toggles on/off the ability to automatically pick up items lying on the ground. When off, one must hold down the Alt key to pick up items.

Type /fps to toggle on the frames-per-second count and the amount of frames skipped per second. This command also displays your ping when playing on Battle.net, as well as the amount of physical and virtual memory in use by Diablo 2.

Left and Right Action Icons
Use the left and right mouse buttons to make your character fight, cast spells, use skills, and perform other actions. Assign different actions to the mouse buttons by using the Action Icons. The Action Icons on the left and right of the Interface Bar represent the actions linked to the left and right mouse buttons, respectively. Left-clicking on an Action Icon displays a pop-up menu of skill icons. Click on a skill icon to assign it to that Action Icon.

Using Ctrl / Running
Your character normally walks, but running is a good, fast way of covering large distances. To run, simply hold down the Ctrl key as you direct your character around the field. You can also toggle running on and off by clicking the Run/Walk button on the Interface Bar or by pressing "R" on the keyboard.

You can only run as long as you have Stamina. The Stamina Bar indicates how much Stamina you have left and how quickly you are using it. Slow to a walk or stop entirely to regain Stamina. If you are completely out of Stamina, you will have to stop before you begin regaining it.

Running vs Walking
You may be wondering why you would want to walk instead of running everywhere. When you are running, any melee monster within range will always hit you. If you were to run into an arrow or any other missile that doesn't automatically hit, they will be auto-hit then. By running near melee monsters, you leave yourself vulnerable to attacks. However, when you are walking near monsters, the normal chance to hit, determined by your Dexterity, your character's level, etc., will apply. You might want to return to walking when facing monsters, especially if you're using a class that relies on melee attacks, like the Barbarian, Paladin, and, at times, the Amazon.

When you are running, there is a slight chance that a monster's attack will hit an area that you have already run past. While there's a good chance that you will get hit, it's not absolutely certain. If you find you're getting hit too often while running, try walking for a while.

Since melee monsters will almost always hit you when you're running, classes that need to run a lot don't need to worry too much about Defense stats. In the later Acts and at higher levels, Necromancers and Sorceresses need to run a lot to evade groups of enemies. These classes should use shields to increase their odds of block, rather than focus on Defense.

Is there the same better chance for other players to hit me when I'm running with Player vs Player melee attacks?

Note that if a player is running, their Blocking percentage is reduced to 1/3rd of its original value, after being capped to 75%. So when running you can never have a Blocking percentage higher than 25%. This means players will get hit a lot more when running, even with high blocking.

Using Alt / Highlighting Items on the Ground
Hold down the Alt key to highlight any items (weapons, armor, potions, scrolls, gold, etc.) on the ground that you can pick up. The name of the item class appears above the item in the following color code:

White = Normal Item
Gray = Socketed Item, Ethereal Item
Violet = Magic Item
Orange = Crafted or Very Rare Item
Green = Set Item
Yellow = Rare item
Gold = Unique item

Click on the name (or the item itself) to pick it up.

Using Shift / Standing and Attacking
When you want to attack without closing in on your target, hold down the Shift key.

Weapon Swapping
In Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, you have the ability to swap quickly between two sets of equipped weapon selections (i.e., right- and left-hand inventory slot configurations). To do this, merely open your Inventory screen and equip your character as you normally would. Next, left-click on either of the two tabs denoted by the Roman numeral "II" (or press the W key) to toggle between the two weapon configurations. Now equip your character with an additional two-handed weapon, a weapon and a shield, or (for Barbarians and Assassins) a pair of appropriate one-handed weapons. You can switch between the two weapon configurations at any time by pressing the W key or by clicking on the inactive weapon configuration's tab in your inventory screen (the inactive configuration is the one shaded a darker grey). Note: Your left and right mouse button skill setups are linked to your two weapon configurations. This allows you to customize your skill mouse buttons in order to complement your current weapon configuration.

Remember that your character must meet the requirements for any weapons you want to equip. Also, please keep in mind that only your currently selected weapon configuration is actively equipped. Any magical properties of items in your inactive configuration will not affect your character until you make that configuration active. For example, if you are currently using weapon configuration "I," any magical properties of items in configuration "II" have no effect until you make it your active configuration.

Ranged Combat
When using bows, throwing knives, or other ranged weapons, you may want to fire without moving. If you hold down the Shift key, your character will remain stationary while firing at your target. This works for other actions, as well, allowing you to turn, fight, or cast spells while remaining in place.

Automap Overlay
As you explore the world, the game maps where you have been. The map shows important terrain features like stairways and magical shrines and helps you navigate the world. To open the Automap, select the Automap icon from the Mini-panel or press the Tab key on your keyboard. The Automap appears over the play area. Note that gameplay doesn't stop when you bring up the Automap. You can still move, attack, and be attacked by creatures in the world while the Automap is on.

Automap Options
Automap Options: There is now an "Automap Size" selection in the "Automap Options" menu in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. This new option allows you to choose between viewing the map as either the traditional full-screen Automap or the new, scaled-down "Mini Map." The Mini Map is about one quarter the size of the Automap and, when active, is displayed in one of the top corners of the game screen. You can switch this location from left to right by pressing the V hotkey.

Repair All
You can now repair all of your outfitted items in a single step. To do this, go to the nearest "blacksmith" NPC (whoever repairs your equipment) and select "Trade or Repair" as you normally would. Blacksmiths still have the usual buttons for buying, selling, and repairing options; in Expansion games, they also have an added "Repair All" button. This option allows you to repair all of the items that your character currently has equipped in a single operation. If you move your cursor over this button, the highlighted text shows the cost of this procedure, and pressing the button completes it. Note: The Repair All button only repairs equipped items. Any damaged items that your character is not wearing must be repaired individually.

Fill Tome
By pressing the Shift key while right-clicking on a scroll you want to buy, you automatically purchase enough scrolls to fill the first unfilled Tome of that scroll type in your Inventory.

Bulk Keys
By pressing the Shift key while right-clicking on a key, you automatically purchase enough keys to fill the key stack.

Charged Items
Some new magic items grant the use of certain skills to any character. Some of these items have skills that are only triggered under certain conditions, such as striking an enemy or being struck by one. Charged Items allow the wielder to use the skill at will, but only a limited number of times. To engage the skill granted by a Charged Item, left-click your right mouse button Skill Selection (or press the S key). The Charged Item skill is listed near the top of your list of available skills; left-click on its icon to select it. The skill can now be performed by right-clicking on a target. Charged Item skills have a limited number of uses, so be sure to check the item's pop-up description or the lower right-hand corner of the skill icon to see how many charges remain. If any of an item's charges are depleted, you can return to a nearby town and recharge the item by having the local Blacksmith repair it. If an Ethereal item has charges, they can never be recharged.

Assigning and Using Skill Hot keys
You may assign 16 hot keys to set skills automatically to the left or right mouse buttons. Bring up the skill list (left-click on the Left or Right Action Icon), then move the cursor over each skill and press one of the 16 hot keys -- ""F1"" through ""F8"" -- (more available in the options screen) to assign the hot key to that skill. When finished, press ""S"" or the space bar.

NOTE: Some skills (generally non-attack) cannot be assigned to the left mouse button. Any non-passive skill can be assigned to the right mouse button.

Creating Games

  • When creating a single player game, pressing the 'Enter' key automatically creates a Hell difficulty game if possible.
  • When creating a game, each difficulty button is bound to a unique key: Normal 'R', Nightmare 'N', and Hell 'H'.

    Text over Health and Mana Globes
    Users can toggle the display of text over the Health and Mana globes by clicking on the bottom area of each orb.

    Commandline Options

  • -nofixaspect - which allows users to not fix the aspect ratio to 4:3 when maximizing windowed mode. This lets the game 'stretch' to fill your monitor.
  • -sndbkg' command line switch. This enables sound in background.
  • '-nosound', '-window', and '-windowed'
  • '-skiptobnet'' command line switch. Makes Diablo go straight to Battle.net

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