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Sorceress Strategies

Of all the character classes, the Sorceress is the most dependent on her skills; therefore, she is also the most dependent on recharging her spiritual energy. Unless she can supplement her natural and continuous replenishment with items to restore Mana, she must develop the Warmth skill. The Warmth skill adds to her ability to recharge Mana. In the rest of the skill tree she has more of a choice. Cold spells are certainly useful, both in the damage they unleash and in slowing enemies. Additionally, cold spells can at times freeze her targets, shattering them upon their death, making resurrection impossible. The Sorceress should develop Static Field. This is an extremely effective spell that will benefit both her and other adventurers whom she might allow to join her.

Supplementing the Sorceress' attributes is a more difficult series of decisions. Obviously Energy is always a consideration. Strength, while seemingly not important, is needed for the ability to don better armor. The Sorceress is cursed with a low vitality, and if hit, she is easily felled. For this reason, the Sorceress is one of the more difficult classes to play. She needs to add to her strength for better armor, to her vitality for more life, and to her energy so that she can keep casting her spells. Generally, it is wise to pick a level of armor to aspire, and then shift all focus away from strength. Many consider the breastplate to be sufficient armor. Attaining the level of strength to use this armor is an important goal.

The Sorceress should always be on the lookout for items that increase Mana regeneration. She should also not entirely abandon the martial arts and have quality armaments, if only as a backup. Many of Diablo's minions possess a great deal of magical defense, and spells are not always effective. It is wise to choose skills from throughout the skill tree. Of all the classes though, she must avoid being struck in melee combat, therefore she requires the most tactical maneuvering and the most care.

Hirelings are very useful to the Sorceress. Act II and Act V Hirelings work very well with the Sorceress. They can lead the attack while the Sorceress hangs back and casts spells from the rear. Act II Hirelings (Defensive) are great for getting the Sorceress through Normal difficulty until she starts to become more powerful at level 30. The best choices are the Act II Hirelings with the Defiance Aura or an Act V Hireling that does significant amount of damage. Both can be effective. Equip them with better, higher damage weapons to increase their usefulness. Find them resistance gear and high defense Armor and Helms to help them last longer.

"Magic Maiden"
Succubus and Baal cast a special curse shown in the screenshot below (along with Thunderstorm and Energy Shield). This curse causes you to do damage to yourself when you cast spells. For skills that require more Mana, you will take more damage. This even includes such spells like Teleport but does not include Thunderstorm or Energy Shield. Whenever this curse is cast on you, stop casting spells until it has worn off, click on a Shrine to counteract it, or go back to town and have it removed. Magic Maiden only affects you if you have more Mana than Life. If you have at least as much max Mana as max Life, you can be cursed.

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