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WOW: Battlegrounds
Edited by CraZy.FroG[B]

"Long ago, before the First War, the warlock Gul'dan exiled a clan of orcs called the Frostwolves to a hidden valley deep in the heart of the Alterac Mountains. It is here in the valley's southern reaches that the Frostwolves eked out a living until the coming of Thrall."

The heroic task to turn the tides of war that rages in the valley has been handed down to you. Ultimately, you must bring victory to your side and emblazon your place in history. Choose one of the four races you wish to represent, then one of five heroes classes, and then hurry to the battlegrounds!

Suggested Players: 2-10
Tileset: Lordaeron Winter
Map Size: Epic
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Jurassic Park Survival
Edited by PerfectlyInsane

On a faraway island, a group of savage dinosaurs have survived for years unchallenged by all. Somehow, you find yourself right smack in the middle of all these dinosaurs, and your only hope of survival is to escape! Do you have what it takes to hold out till help gets there? Or will a T-Rex be having you for lunch?

Suggested Players: 1-7
Tileset: Sunken Ruins
Map Size: Medium
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WOW: Molten Core BetaA4
By reHu

The Molten Core lies at the very heart of Blackrock Mountain, hidden deep in its depths. It is the exact spot where, long ago, Emperor Thaurissan summoned the elemental Firelord, Ragnaros, in a desperate bid to turn the tide of the dwarven civil war. Do you have what it takes to defeat the Firelord?

Suggested Players: 11
Tileset: Outland
Map Size: Large
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By Dragoon-elf

Take me out to the ball game
Take me out to the crowd
Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks
I don't care if I ever get back
And it's root, root, root
for the home team
If they don't win, it's a shame
Cause it's one, two, three strikes
You're out
At the old ball game.

Suggested Players: 2-6
Tileset: Lordaeron Summer
Map Size: Small
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Uther Party
By TheZizz

Hey you! There's a party going on at Uther's place, and you're all invited! Get ready for some excitement, Uther-style! You and up to seven of your friends will get to partake in a variety of mini-games against each other. The party-goer that wins the most out of eight randomly selected games will be crowned the winner. Remember to stay for desserts; after the main event, the winner can pick any of the fifty mini-games!

Suggested Players: 2-8
Tileset: Cityscape
Map Size: Medium
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Tower Wars 1.9
By Zak

Welcome to Tower Wars! The objective of this map is to purchase suicidal mobs and run them through your opponents' maze of towers. By doing so you increase your periodic income, allowing you to purchase stronger mobs (and even some that attack the towers!) and upgrade your own towers. Don't let the enemy catch you with your pants down, or else you will end up losing lives! At the start of the game, you can choose between two modes to play (defensive or offensive) as well as five different income speeds. Hint: Cheaper mobs, while weaker, provide more income!

Suggested Players: 2-9
Tileset: Cityscape
Map Size: Small
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X Hero Siege
By Sogat

Welcome to X Hero Siege. In today's battle you will be able to choose between the two "Normal" and "Extreme" game modes and 4 hero modes. Your goal is to defend the castle until you kill the enemy lieutenants, and then to make a push into the heart of the enemy's fortifications to slay the evil boss. There are 24 powerful heroes at your disposal, each equipped with unique, awesome powers to vanquish foes in style. Do well, and you will have a chance to gain access to the special arena! Keep a stack of potions handy and remember to buy tomes it's going to get dirty! Now let's go smash some creeps!

Suggested Players: 4-8
Tileset: Icecrown
Map Size: Small
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Element TD Survivor 2.5
By MrChak

Element TD Survivor is a Tower Defense map where mastering the 6 elements Earth, Fire, Water, Nature, Light and Dark is key to victory. As you progress through the game, you gain mastery over elements of your choice, allowing you to combine them to create 15 hybrid towers and 20 triple towers. To add to the replay ability, there are multiple difficulty settings, the option of playing with elemental heroes, and choosing from a variety of different victory conditions. See if you can survive 60 waves of creeps running though your onslaught of elements!

Suggested Players: 1-8
Tileset: Lordaeron Summer
Map Size: Small
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Peppar's Multiplayer Chess
By Peppar

"Shall.. we.. play.. a.. game?"

"How.. about.. a.. nice.. game.. of.. chess?"

Suggested Players: 1-2
Suggested Observers: 0-10
Tileset: Chess Board
Map Size: Tiny
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Flag Runners CTF v1.66b
By Traeon

Calling all Flag Runners! We need you! No, not you... you! You are needed in Flag Runners CTF! Your objective: penetrate the enemy's base and capture their flag. Once you've gotten by their defenses and there will be plenty of defenses, soldier you must return the flag to our base to score one for our team! If you don't want to be a Flag Runner, we need some troops that can stay behind and defend our base! Load that artillery with some special ammo, deploy those deadly mines around our flag, or track down the enemy and spring on them when they least expect it! Whatever you choose to do, your priority is to be the first to collect 150 points or your team will be eliminated!! JOIN the FLAG RUNNERS!!

Suggested Players: 6-12
Tileset: Cityscape
Map Size: Tiny
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