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Enfo's Team Survival - MT Edition
By Enfo and Clan B3TA
Modified by MT TEAM

Welcome to Enfo's Team Survival!! You and up to 7 friends will be able to play in today's challenge. After being split into two teams of up to 4 member each, you get to pick one of six different levels of diffculty to choose from. Then, choose 1 of 28 Heroes, each designed for spellcasting, hand-to-hand combat, or a little of both. Once the game begins your goal is to kill as many mobs as you can before they reach the middle, meanwhile using your crafty Spellbringer to disrupt the other team's effort. If your team can survive longer than the other team, you will be victorious!

Suggested Players: 4-8
Tileset: Cityscape
Map Size: Medium
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NOTD Aftermath
By Dreamworks Entertainment

Sept 27 2037.

"Four days since the outbreak, military efforts to contain the contamination are proceeding in full swing. Echo Company has been deployed to Sector E on a patrol mission. By the day's end their training and resolve will be put to the test."

Night of the Dead: Aftermath is a highly stylized survival game. Does your team have what is takes to survive??

Suggested Players: 5-10
Tileset: Ashenvale
Map Size: Huge
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Stone of Destiny TD
Edited by ~ Tchingis Khan ~, McPhisto2051
Modified by Iceman_Aragorn, EatenByTails

Welcome to Stone of Destiny TD! To win Stone of Destiny TD, you will have to get some of your friends to help out, then choose one of 3 difficulties. There are 9 races to pick from, each able to build 5 different towers. You will have to work together as a team to defend the Stone of Destiny from the mobs that will be running though your towers in the cascading layout! Do you have what it take to protect the Stone?

Suggested Players: 2-10
Tileset: Dalaran
Map Size: Medium
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Tower Tournament
By Antistone

Tonight's main event is the cerebral challenge known only as TOWER TOURNAMENT!

The main objective of Tower Tournament is to test your tower selection and mazing skills against the CPU or other players. You will be given several minutes to maze on one of nine randomly selected layouts, and your goal is to score as many points as you can for the enemies running though your maze of towers. Each round you will be given a set amount of gold to build as many towers as you can from the random selection of towers. Pick wisely, because once the round starts you cannot do anything but watch…and possibly talk smack! Each round you have to earn par and beat the other players, earning one to three points each time a mob is attacked by your towers. Be the one with the most points after nine rounds and you will be crowned the Tower Tournament Champion!

See you in the tournament!

Suggested Players: 2-6
Tileset: Cityscape
Map Size: Epic
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