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IN-Bob vs Unstoppable

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IN-Bob vs Unstoppable
Match: One
Map: Forsaken Valley
IN-Bob Protoss Yellow Bottom-Left
Unstoppable Zerg Red Top-Left
Length of Match: 20:20

(4)Forsaken Valley

Unstoppable starts the game by sending his Overlord straight down towards IN-Bob's base. IN-Bob also sends a Probe out exploring and finds Unstoppable's outpost first.

Shortly after, the Overlord finds IN-Bob.                                                                            

IN-Bob warps in his first Zealot and sends it, along with three Probes, to the entrance of Unstoppable's base and constructs a Pylon there. Unstoppable quickly finds this intrusion on his turf with a scouting Zergling and retaliates with more Zerglings.

In the meanwhile IN-Bob has sent two more Zealots to fortify his forward position. Another battle quickly ensues between three Zealots and a small swarm of Zerglings. Unstoppable then tries to lure the Zealots into the range of his Sunken Colony.

The Zealots retreat in the face of oncoming Zerglings and Hydralisks. Unstoppable begins producing more Hydralisks and sends his forces out, finding IN-Bob's expansion.

Soon after this, the Zerg force encounters a sizeable party of Zealots. While they hold the Zerg off, Bob builds Pylons, Photon Cannons and a Shield Battery at his expansion outpost.

Unstoppable puts hit and run tactics to good use against the Zealots and tries to draw them away from the expansion as IN-Bob continues to build up his defenses.

Unstoppable next attempts to circumvent IN-Bob's now fortified expansion by circling around to come up from the vulnerable entrance to the base. In-Bob begins producing Dragoons just as Unstoppable's Hydralisks reach Bob's outpost from the rear.

As Unstoppable's Hydralisks begin pounding IN-Bob's base, IN-Bob sends his forces towards Unstoppable's home base and finds an enemy expansion.

IN-Bob begins retreating his the Probes from his main base to his fortified expansion. Unstoppable easily crushes his target, but the victory comes at the cost of his own expansion. IN-Bob then attacks Unstoppable's main base with a sizeable force of Zealots, Dragoons and a Reaver. Unstoppable's Hydralisks quickly finish off IN-Bob's main base and engage his expansion.

A race to eliminate the other player's structures ensues, but IN-Bob comes out on top with some awesome moves with his Reavers.

Although IN-Bob's army takes out Unstoppable's main base, Unstoppable manages to set up an extractor at the top-right and mid-right resource nodes to avoid elimination.

At this point Unstoppable is left with only his overlords and a single Lurker that is futily attempting to take out the Nexus at IN-Bob's expansion site. IN-Bob soon finds the remaining extractors and makes quick work of them. At the same time as this happens, IN-Bob gets an Observer and -- with the aid of a Reaver -- quickly finishes off the last burrowed Lurker.

Build Orders:

IN-Bob starts the game by constructing a Pylon, a Gateway, a 2nd Gateway, a 2nd Pylon, another Pylon and then a Forge. He next builds a Nexus at his expansion site and then adds an Assimilator, a 4th pylon, and then a flurry of Pylons and Photon Cannons at the expansion. This is followed by a Cybernetics Core, a Citadel of Adun, a Robotics factory, another Pylon, a Robotics Support bay and finally an Observatory.

Unstoppable quickly builds a second Hatchery and next adds a spawning pool. Next comes a Creep Colony, an Extractor, and then he upgrades the Creep Colony to a Sunken Colony. A Hydralisk Den follows, with an upgrade of his Hive to a to Lair and second Sunken colony right behind.

Length of Match: 42:52

IN-Bob vs Unstoppable
Match: Two
Map: Showdown
IN-Bob Protoss Yellow Bottom
Unstoppable Zerg Green Top
Length of Match: 26:19


Unstoppable begins by sending his Overlord again for early reconnaissance. IN-Bob uses his first Zealot for scouting and immediately sends it to the center of the map. Four more zealots are warped in and sent to meet their brethren in the middle of the map, near the expansion nodes.

Unstoppable's first Zergling runs into the Zealots and sprints past them. IN-Bob gives a short chase, but then turns his attention back to the middle.

Both players get expansions going early. At this point Unstoppable, in addition to a Sunken Colony, has Zerlings and Hydralisks ready. Meanwhile, IN-Bob has amassed a sizeable force of Zealots at the center of the map. Unstoppable soon locates IN-Bob's expansion and both players send their forces into a bloody encounter.

Unstoppable opts to retreat and IN-Bob follows for the chase. IN-Bob brings his Zealots to a stop at the outskirts of Unstoppable's main base, but three Zealots get distracted by a single Zergling and are lured into the waiting trap of Hydralisks and Sunken Colonies. The Zealots are quickly dispatched and Unstoppable pushes for an immediate retaliation.

IN-Bob quickly gathers more Zealots outside of his expansion as Unstoppable begins producing Lurkers. IN-Bob still is caught with no means of detection as Unstoppable sends in a force of Hydralisks and Lurkers. The tension builds as enemy forces begin building, unseen, outside of IN-Bob's expansion and Unstoppable chooses this very time to make his first expansion.

IN-Bob is attacked by the swarms of Hydralisks and Lurkers just as his Forge and Robotics Support Bay finish warping in. The Zerg quickly advance into the expansion and Unstoppable uses hit-and-run tactics to lure the Zealots out into a field of waiting Lurkers.

Fortunately for IN-Bob, an observer and several upgraded Dragoons are not far behind and make it to the expansion in time to fend off the full brunt of the attack and send Unstoppable packing.

Another skirmish erupts near the center expansion nodes and IN-Bob begins to use some hit-and-run tactics of his own to distract Unstoppable's Hydralisk force. IN-Bob now has his upgraded Zealots cleverly circle around the left side of the center expansion areas, circumventing the Hydralisks, and sneaks up to Unstoppable's main base. There his forces encounter several Hydralisks, burrowed Lurkers and Sunken Colonies while being sliced to ribbons.

Unstoppable retaliates by sending his main force of Hydralisks located at the center resource nodes down into IN-Bob's base. At this point IN-Bob takes Reavers, loads them into a Shuttle, and tries for a sneak drop behind Unstoppable's expansion. Although the Shuttle is found by the Hydralisks, the Zerg are unable to take advantage as Zealots and Dragoons reach the expansion. Unstoppables's expansion is quickly decimated and IN-Bob masses his forces outside of Unstoppable's main base.

The Reaver is sent to the backside of the outpost, but is taken out by Hydralisks and Lurkers. IN-Bob then sends the bulk of his forces through the front door of Unstoppable's base, trying to overwhelm him with a suicide assault.

Unstoppable manages to fend off the wave of Protoss, but IN-Bob is relentless as he gathers another sizeable force in the middle of the map while simultaneously setting up a second expansion. IN-Bob's second force of Zealots and Dragoons gather at the front of Unstoppable's base and enter into the breach once again. The scene is horrific as Unstoppable's Hydralisks, Lurkers and Sunken Colonies again make quick work of IN-Bob's forces and manages to hold off the bloodlusting Protoss for a while longer.

In the meanwhile, IN-Bob is constantly summoning more Zealots and Dragoons from Aiur, fortifying his now flourishing expansion. Unstoppable attempts to expand to the island near his main base, but IN-Bob spots the attempt and calculatingly sends Reavers via a Shuttle to once again attack Unstoppables's main base. The Reavers now make quick work of Unstoppable's home and a wave of Zealots and Dragoons are able to finish it off.

IN-Bob then sends his Reavers to eliminate Unstoppable's island expansion and kills off the infestation that has grown there. As IN-Bob waits for his Reaver's to produce more scarabs, Unstoppable makes a last ditch effort to get his remaining drones away, but IN-Bob mercilessly slays the remaining structures on his way to raising the flag of his second victory.

Length of Match: 26:19

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