Warcraft III 2008 Tournament FAQ

What is different between the invitational ladders and the standard regional ladders?

On the invitational ladders, there are no restrictions on who can play whom. This means the top-ranked player could play the bottom-ranked player. Additionally, top performers in the invitational ladder are eligible to compete in offline regional qualifiers and potentially in the global finals.

Who will play on these invitational ladders?

  • Last year, Blizzard Entertainment invited 25 of the top players from each region and combined them with the top-100-ranked players from their respective ladders, which resulted in 125 players per ladder.
  • This year, we will be removing the bottom-75-ranked players from each invitational ladder from last year and replacing them with the current top-100-ranked players from each standard regional ladder. The top 50 in each of the Lordaeron and Azeroth realms will comprise the 100 ranked ladder players from the Americas.
  • This will result in 150 total players per ladder.

What if a player is in the bottom 75 of the invitational ladder, but also in the top 100 of his or her regional ladder?

In this case, the player will keep his or her spot in the invitational ladder.

How long will the invitational ladder tournament run?

The invitational ladder is scheduled to run for three weeks. There will then be one offline regional qualifier event for each region, which will all feed into the global finals.

Will there be a ladder reset for this yearís tournament?

Yes. We will be resetting the ladders in preparation for the 2008 tournament, as well as resetting the invitational ladder at the start of the 2008 tournament.

How do I play a 2008 tournament game?

Log into Battle.net and click the Play Game button. In the Game Type dropdown menu, there will be a 2008 Tournament game type. Choose that and play.

Who will go to the regional qualifiers?

The top-six-ranked players from each regionís invitational ladder will be invited to their respective regional qualifier event. They will combine with the top two performers from last yearís tournament for each region. This will result in a total of eight players for the regional qualifier. If the same player was in the top two last year and also reaches the top six in the current tournament, additional invitations will be extended until a total of eight players is reached.

Who will go to the global finals?

The top two players from the Americas and the top three players each from Europe and Asia will be invited to the global finals. This will result in a total of eight players for the global finals.

When and where will the regional qualifiers and global finals be held?

More information about the regional qualifiers and global finals will be announced at a later date.

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