Daliniya on January 26, 2007

SOLDIER on February 5, 2007
After having beaten Grubby in Round 3 of the Winners Bracket on Day 2, ReMinD had to stand up to Lucifer in the Grand Final. Lucifer won the first map, "Twisted Meadows," but ReMinD was able to come back on "Terenas Stand" and "Echo Isles," switching from Orc to Nightelf against Lucifer’s Undead. The finals truly brought together the greatest players worldwide and we want to congratulate all the players that participated on their great achievement and especially ReMinD for his exciting games and great skill.

Chris Sigaty and Frank Pearce presented the winner of the Tournament, ReMinD, with a check for $10,000 USD and the Season 4: Global Champion Trophy - A Warcraft III Sword. Lucifer, who came in second, was presented with a check for $3,000 USD. Check out the pictures of the Season 4 Global Finals here as well as the results and replays of all games!

Congratulations to the Champion of this exciting Season!
The first day of the Season 4 Global Finals is over and the players presented us with exciting matches. The Groups Rounds are complete and Lucifer, SaSe, ReiGn, Grubby, Showbu-, ToD, Sweet and ReMinD will enter the playoffs and continue the battle for the championship. Check out the the final rankings as well as the results of the matches.

Find out what players will meet in todays first playoff round of the winners bracket in our schedule.

SOLDIER on January 15, 2007
Here are the final qualifiers for the Global Finals:


  • MYM]Lucifer
  • SK.BET.Sweet
  • Cherry.ReiGn
  • wNv.FoV
  • WE.IGE.ReMinD
  • NoA.Showbu
  • mouz|SaSe
  • SK.Insomnia
  • 4K^Grubby
  • 4K^ToD
  • SK.firede
  • verGe.GLaiVe
  • verGe.longwalk
  • hoorai.KiWiKaKi
  • verGe.SonKiE
  • verGe.ShrieK
The tournament format will be the same as the regionals. Check out the brackets to see who's playing who. The top two players from each group will advance to a double elimination stage to play off for the Global Championship.
SOLDIER on January 11, 2007
We are pleased to announce that the Warcraft III Season 4 Global Finals will be held in Germany at Cologne's Media Park between January 25-27, 2007, during the Intel® Friday Night. Sixteen of the world's best Warcraft III players earned their places at the Global Finals with top performances at earlier regional finals in Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

The Warcraft III Season 4 Global Finals is sponsored by Intel, and organized by Turtle Entertainment, operator of Europe's major eSports league, the Electronic Sports League (ESL). GIGA, the European broadcasting station for games, eSports and lifestyle, will provide live coverage.

Player brackets and information on the coverage times will be posted on Battle.net soon. Also check out ESL's and GIGA's websites for more information.

SOLDIER on January 5, 2007
Due to hoorai.Qazzi being unable to attend the Global Finals, an on-line qualifier between the four players who did not advance in the Americas' regional 8 man bracket was held to determine the fourth place seeding.

The players who participated in this event are:

  1. Epoch_Lumbist
  2. StrifeCo
  3. LordOfThePings
  4. Virus32
The winner is Epoch_Lumbist! (aka Vrg.SS.Shriek)

The new US Seeding in ranking order is:

  1. Zn.LongWalk
  2. KiWiKaki
  3. Vrg.SS.SonKiE
  4. Epoch_Lumbist
We've packaged the replays for you here.
SOLDIER on December 18, 2006
The Global Gaming League has posted VODs of the Ladder Season 4 US Qualifier. The videos include a live shoutcast of the event at Web2Zone in New York City. You have to register a free account with GGL to view the files which you can do here.
SOLDIER on December 13, 2006
The American Regional Qualifiers have concluded!

Your US Champions in ranking order are
  1. hoorai.Qazzi
  2. Zn.LongWalk
  3. KiWiKaki
  4. vrg.SS.Sonkie
Congratulations to these players who will be moving on to the Global Finals in Cologne, Germany.

To view the replay pack click here.
SOLDIER on December 6, 2006
The Americas Regional will be going on this Saturday 12/09/06 in New York at web2zone. If you happen to be in the area come by and check out the matches! See what group your favorite player is playing in here.
SOLDIER on November 29, 2006
The European Regional Qualifiers have finished with these results The six qualifying players in ranking order are:
  1. mouz|SaSe
  2. SK|Insomnia
  3. 4K^Grubby
  4. 4K^ToD
  5. SK.Fire_de
  6. VerGe.GLaiVe
These six Northrend players will meet in Cologne, Germany to face off against the top players from Kalimdor, (combined) Azeroth and Lordaeron Realms.

Check out the replays here.
SOLDIER on November 21, 2006
The Asia tournament finished over the weekend with these results: These players moved on to the finals which ended with some very exciting matches. The results of those were:
  1. MYM]Lucifer
  2. SK.BET.Sweet
  3. Cherry.ReiGn
  4. wNv.FoV
  5. WE.IGE.ReMinD
  6. NoA.Showbu
Congratulations to the six qualifying players!

You can download replays from this tournament here. For updates on the Europe and Americas regionals, check out who's playing and where they are being held.
SOLDIER on November 10, 2006
Blizzard has determined that some qualifiers for the Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Season 4 regional finals used exploits to unfairly advance their position in the ladder during qualification rounds. Therefore, the highest ranked players who competed fairly during qualification rounds will be identified, contacted, and invited to the tournament. To give everyone time to prepare for the Americas regional final, we’ve postponed the event until December 9, 2006.

Blizzard is committed to promoting fair play in its games and will strive to ensure that all of its tournaments are conducted on a level playing field for all competitors.

SOLDIER on November 2, 2006
Battle.net Warcraft III Season 4 has ended. The following players have qualified for the Regional Tournaments.

Race Name
Race Name

Race Name

Congratulations to all the qualifying players!

SOLDIER on October 24, 2006
Warcraft III Season Four is almost over; the final qualifiers will be determined next Tuesday, October 31th. Good luck to everyone on their remaining matches!
SOLDIER on September 22, 2006
The FAQ for Battle.net Season 4 has just been updated. We're doing things a little differently this time around, so be sure to check it out for new information and guidelines about this season's competition!
SOLDIER on September 15, 2006
Battle.net Warcraft III Season 4 has begun. We have invited the top 75 players from around the world, and included the top 300 players from each region to participate in this tournament. This is only the first event for Season 4, and it promises to be a very competitive environment. For each new ladder, we will be keeping track of the top 5 players and reporting how they do from week to week on the Season 4 page. Let the games begin!
SOLDIER on August 8, 2006

We are pleased to announce Season IV, the fourth edition of the Battle.net Warcraft III ladder seasons. Players may be excited to note that we have refined this season to focus more on competitive gaming. The upcoming season has a new format, with the addition of three elite ladders hosted on the Kalimdor, Northrend, and Azeroth realms. These ladders will initially be populated on an invitation-only basis and feature the world’s most established and successful Warcraft III players. Each will function as a standard Battle.net solo ladder, with their own web interface displaying rankings, and their own map pools.

The Season IV ladders will also serve as the invitation mechanism for future Blizzard tournaments. To ensure that all players eventually have the opportunity to compete for seeds in the final events, we’ll be refreshing the player pool for each of the ladders at the end of the season. Inactive and low-ranking players from these tournament ladders will be removed in favor of the top-ranked players on the standard Battle.net solo ladders.


With the start of Season IV, we will be using three new ladders. These ladders will be located on the Kalimdor, Northrend, and Azeroth realms. Each participant will play on the realm closest to their own geographical location. These ladders will have roughly 100-150 players on them, and there will be no restrictions for the AMM (automated matchmaking system). This means that the top player could be pitted against someone much lower on the ladder, but it also means that search times should be faster, as AMM searches will only be impacted by player availability.


A large portion of players for Season IV will be invited by Blizzard to participate based on previous tournament success and also on their current standing in this season’s ladder. Each player will receive a unique icon for the new season and will be able to view and play on the new ladders.


Season IV will last approximately two months, and upon completion, Blizzard will arrange for the top players from each ladder to participate in the offline regional qualifiers. Those who succeed in the regional qualifiers will then go head-to-head in the global finals. Unlike Season III, the Season IV finals will be hosted at a dedicated event set up solely for the purpose of closing out the season with a bang. More information will be released in the future, so please stay tuned to www.battle.net.

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