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Fighting Bloodlusted Ogres
Fighting Orc players can be difficult because of Bloodlust. Bloodlust allows Ogres to do 3 times the damage.

Blizzard Peons Mining Gold and Lumber
Ogres require a lot of Gold. If you can Blizzard Peons mining Gold you can quickly put a stop to Ogre production. While the enemy is working on gathering together a group of Bloodlusted Ogres you can sneak in and Blizzard his Peons. Send a few Paladins in to beat on the backs of Peons chopping Lumbers to slow down Ogre production.

Use "Mage Bombs" and Double Blizzards
Both methods can quickly destroy large numbers of Ogres with only one or two Mages. Refer to the Blizzard and Death and Decay page

Cast Slow on the Ogres
Slow cuts Bloodlusted Ogres down to only 1.5 times tougher than Paladins. Put 2-4 Mages with a group Paladins then each Mage can cast Slow on 5 units followed up by an attack with Paladins. This is particularly effective when the enemy Ogres are not Bloodlusted.

Keep Ogres from Bloodlusting
One strategy the top Human players use pretty effectively is to station Flying Machines around their towns. When Ogres stop to Bloodlust outside your town they do one of the following....

Hit the Bloodlusting Ogres With a Bit of Blizzard
Any Ogres that are not Standing Ground will charge the Mage. If the enemy is in the process of upgrading they will nearly always stop Bloodlusting and charge the Mage leaving less Ogres that are Bloodlusted. After the Ogres charge, move in the Paladins to engage them using Mages as bait, or to Slow incoming Ogres.

Just Charge In With Knights or Paladins
When Ogres starts to Bloodlust, charge in and attack thew before they can all Bloodlust. For this to be effective it has to be timed perfectly as a few seconds to Bloodlust is all the Ogres need. This is much less effective than using Blizzard to break up the Bloodlusting casting.

If you run away from the Ogres they will usually chase. If you run long enough, the Bloodlust will wear off, and you can immediately turn around and attack. Orc players often have less Ogres compared to Paladins because they count so heavily on Bloodlust turning the tide so when it wears off, they are in trouble if they are not giving time to recast it.

Invade By Surprise
One thing you have to watch out for is alerting the enemy to your coming attack. This will give them time to Bloodlust. What you must try to do is get in there beating on the Ogres before the enemy knows what is going on.

Death Knights
Upgrade Knights to Paladins and research Exorcism. Using Exorcism you can easily clear the map of Death Knights in hit and run attacks.

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