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Charged Items Magic Suffixes

Charged Items
Some new magic items grant the use of certain skills to any character. Charged Items allow the wielder to use the skill at will, but only a limited number of times. To engage the skill granted by a Charged Item, left-click your right mouse button Skill Selection (or press the S key). The Charged Item skill is listed near the top of your list of available skills; left-click on its icon to select it. The skill can now be performed by right-clicking on a target. Charged Item skills have a limited number of uses, so be sure to check the item's pop-up description or the lower right-hand corner of the skill icon to see how many charges remain. If any of an item's charges are depleted, you can return to a nearby town and recharge the item by having the local Blacksmith repair it.

To determine the level of the skill charges:
Let M be the second number in each set of brackets (i.e. the 10 in [30/10]). This is the intended maximum level of charges the item can have. (in some circumstances, it can actually go higher)
The item's ILVL determines the level of charges on the item. Let R equal the level required to use the skill with its own class (indicated in parentheses below next to the suffix name). Let T = (99 - R) / M, rounded down. An item can gain SLVL N charges at ILVL R + T*N.
For example, a wand of Lower Resist [60/3] can gain SLVL 1 charges at ILVL 53 (as well as all levels below it), SLVL 2 charges at ILVL 76, and SLVL 3 charges at ILVL 99.

To determine the number of charges available:
Let B be the first number in each set of brackets (i.e. the 30 in [30/10]). This is the base number of charges the item will have, as well as how many charges are added per spell level DIVIDED BY 8.
For SLVL S charges on an item, B+(B*S)/8 charges will be available, rounded down.
For example, given B=30, the amount of charges available for Level 1-5 will be 33, 37, 41, 45, and 48, respectively.

For more information about these abilities see General Magic Prefixes and General Magic Suffixes.

Items shown in yellow can appear on both Magic and Rare Items. Items shown in violet can only appear on Magic Items but not Rare Items.

Armor = Body Armor and Helms
Head = Necromancer Shrunken Head (Shields)
Melee Weapons = Wands, Staves, Maces, Swords, Axes, Lances, Polearms
Missile Weapons = Bows, Crossbows
Rod = Scepter, Wand, Staff
Weapon = Missile Weapon, Melee Weapon, Thrown Weapon

There are not any Assassin Charged Skills.

  Available on
Amazon Skills  
Inner Sight (1) Amulets(18)[30/6], Amazon Weapons(18)[30/6], Circlets(18)[30/6], Gloves(50)[20/4]
Magic Arrows (1) Amazon Weapons(12)[30/10], Bows(12)[30/10], Crossbows(12)[30/10]
Fire Arrows (1) Gloves(40)[20/6]
Cold Arrows (6) Amazon Weapons(15)[30/8], Bows(15)[30/8], Crossbows(15)[30/8], Gloves(47)[20/5]
Multiple Shot (6) Amazon Weapons(18)[30/8], Bows(18)[30/8], Crossbows(18)[30/8], Gloves(63)[20/4]
Exploding Arrows (12) Amazon Bows(30)[30/6], Bows(30)[30/6], Crossbows(30)[30/6], Gloves(69)[20/4]
Ice Arrows (18) Amazon Bows(36)[30/5], Bows(36)[30/5], Crossbows(36)[30/5], Gloves(72)[20/3]
Freezing Arrows (30) Amazon Bows(50)[30/4], Bows(50)[30/4], Crossbows(50)[30/4], Gloves(94)[20/2]
Power Strike (6) Amazon Spears(12)[60/6], Spears(12)[60/6], Gloves(55)[20/4]
Charged Strike (18) Amazon Spears(33)[60/5], Spears(33)[60/5], Gloves(68)[20/3]
Lightning Strike (30) Amazon Spears(47)[60/4], Spears(47)[60/4], Gloves(90)[20/2]
Sorceress Skills  
Ice Bolts (1) Orbs(7)[30/10], Staves(7)[30/10], Daggers(14)[20/6]
Ice Blasts (6) Orbs(12)[30/8], Staves(12)[30/8], Circlets(24)[20/5], Hammers(24)[20/5], Maces(24)[20/5], Rings(24)[20/5], Scepters(24)[20/5]
Frost Novas (6) Orbs(12)[30/8], Staves(12)[30/8], Amulets(24)[20/5], Circlets(24)[20/5], Daggers(24)[20/5]
Glacial Spikes (18) Orbs(24)[30/6], Staves(24)[30/6], Daggers(48)[20/3]
Blizzards (24) Orbs(30)[30/5], Staves(30)[30/5], Daggers(60)[20/2]
Frozen Orbs (30) Orbs(36)[30/3], Staves(36)[30/3], Daggers(72)[20/1]
Charged Bolts (1) Orbs(7)[30/10], Staves(7)[30/10], Circlets(14)[20/6], Hammers(14)[20/6], Maces(14)[20/6], Rings(14)[20/6], Scepters(14)[20/6]
Telekinesis (6) Orbs(12)[30/8], Staves(12)[30/8], Circlets(24)[20/5], Hammers(24)[20/5], Maces(24)[20/5], Rings(24)[20/5], Scepters(24)[20/5]
Novas (12) Orbs(18)[30/7], Staves(18)[30/7], Shields(36)[20/4]
Lightning (12) Orbs(18)[30/7], Staves(18)[30/7], Axes(36)[20/4], Hammers(36)[20/4]
Chain Lightning (18) Orbs(24)[30/6], Staves(24)[30/6], Spears(48)[20/3]
Teleportation (18) Orbs(24)[30/6], Staves(24)[30/6], Amulets(48)[20/3], Circlets(48)[20/3]
Fire Bolts (1) Orbs(7)[30/10], Staves(7)[30/10], Circlets(14)[20/6], Rings(14)[20/6], Swords(14)[20/6]
Fire Balls (12) Orbs(18)[30/7], Staves(18)[30/7], Spears(36)[20/4], Wands(36)[20/4]
Enchantment (18) Orbs(24)[20/3], Staves(24)[20/3], Melee Weapons(48)[10/1]
Meteors (24) Orbs(30)[30/5], Staves(30)[30/5], Clubs(60)[20/2], Daggers(60)[20/2]
Necromancer Skills  
Teeth (1) Head(7)[60/10], Daggers(7)[60/10], Wands(7)[60/10], Swords(14)[20/6]
Poison Dagger (6) Head(12)[60/8], Daggers(12)[60/8], Circlets(24)[20/5], Gloves(24)[20/5], Rings(24)[20/5]
Bone Spears (18) Head(24)[60/6], Daggers(24)[60/6], Wands(24)[60/6], Spears(48)[20/3]
Poison Novas (30) Head(36)[60/3], Daggers(36)[60/3], Wands(36)[60/3], Gloves(72)[20/1]
Bone Spirits (30) Head(36)[60/3], Daggers(36)[60/3], Wands(36)[60/3], Amulets(72)[20/1], Circlets(72)[20/1]
Dim Vision (6) Head(12)[60/8], Daggers(12)[60/8], Wands(12)[60/8], Circlets(24)[20/5], Rings(24)[20/5]
Weaken (6) Head(12)[60/8], Daggers(12)[60/8], Wands(12)[60/8], Gloves(24)[20/5]
Terror (12) Head(18)[60/7], Daggers(18)[60/7], Wands(18)[60/7], Shields(36)[20/4]
Confusion (18) Head(24)[60/6], Daggers(24)[60/6], Wands(24)[60/6], Circlets(48)[20/3], Rings(48)[20/3]
Life Tap (18) Head(24)[60/6], Daggers(24)[60/6], Wands(24)[60/6], Axes(48)[20/3]
Attraction (24) Head(30)[60/5], Daggers(30)[60/5], Wands(30)[60/5], Amulets(60)[20/2], Circlets(60)[20/2], Rings(60)[20/2]
Lower Resistance (30) Head(36)[60/3], Daggers(36)[60/3], Wands(36)[60/3], Staves(72)[20/1]
Paladin Skills  
Sacrifice (1) Paladin Shields(7)[30/10], Scepters(7)[30/10], Weapons(14)[20/6] -- scepters excluded from the level 14 group
Holy Bolts (6) Paladin Shields(12)[30/8], Scepters(12)[30/8], Amulets(24)[20/5], Circets(24)[20/5]
Zeal (12) Paladin Shields(18)[30/7], Scepters(18)[30/7], Melee Weapons(36)[20/4] -- scepters excluded from the level 36 group
Vengeance (18) Paladin Shields(24)[30/6], Scepters(24)[30/6], Axes(48)[20/3], Swords(48)[20/3]
Blessed Hammers (18) Paladin Shields(24)[30/6], Scepters(24)[30/6], Hammers(48)[20/3]
Barbarian Skills  
Bashing (1) Barbarian Helms(7)[60/10], Melee Weapons(14)[20/6] -- excluding staves, wands, and orbs
Stunning (12) Barbarian Helms(18)[60/7], Melee Weapons(36)[20/4] -- INCLUDING staves, wands, and orbs
Concentration (18) Barbarian Helms(24)[60/6], Melee Weapons(48)[20/3] -- excluding staves, wands, and orbs
Grim Ward (24) Barbarian Helms(30)[60/5], Amulets(60)[20/2]
Druid Skills  
Firestorms (1) Clubs(7)[30/10], Staves(14)[20/6]
Fissure (12) Clubs(18)[30/7], Staves(36)[20/4]
Twister (18) Clubs(24)[30/6], Amulets(48)[20/3], Circlets(48)[20/3]
Volcano (24) Clubs(30)[30/6], Hammers(60)[20/3]
Tornado (24) Clubs(30)[30/5], Amulets(60)[20/2], Circlets(60)[20/2

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