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Paladin Strategies

The Paladin is perhaps the most useful addition to any party, as he can extend his Auras to his allies. Skilled in melee combat, he is a skilled fighter as well as proficient in magic abilities. In his skill tree, Prayer is of considerable use as it regenerates health for him and his allies. Might adds to the effect of the Paladin or party member attack. Thorns damages anyone who attacks a person bearing the Aura. Smite allows the Paladin to call upon the power of his righteousness to aid him and his friends. As he progresses in power, he should continue to develop along the skill tree to aid him in the deeper depths of the world.

Due to his wide range of abilities, developing the Paladin's characteristics is a difficult matter. He does not require as much energy as the Sorceress since many of his skills are passive and use less Mana. He should develop strength for donning equipment and inflicting more damage. At the start of gameplay, his vitality is less of a concern, but as he faces higher-level monsters he must develop this as well. He also must increase his dexterity as this adds both to his defensive rating and his ability to successfully strike opponents.

The Paladin is largely reliant on finding quality items. In general, it is wise to find a quality one-handed item, which allows him to carry a shield in the other hand. A good shield is important both for blocking and a higher armor rating. Additionally, a socketed shield can be equipped with gems that add to its resistance. This can be of considerable use in some of the more difficult dungeons.

Offensive and Defensive Auras

Once active, Auras will in most cases benefit anyone in the Paladin's party including other players, hirelings, and converted monsters. Auras are in most cases "free" and do not require Mana. Exceptions include the Defensive Aura Prayer, which requires Mana and the Defensive Aura Redemption, which requires enemy Corpses to activate. Some Auras require monsters to be within the general area of the Paladin for Auras to activate.

One of the biggest advantages of the Paladin is his ability to share his Auras among Party Members. The Paladin should always consider using an Aura to help his party. Auras have a radius. As more skill points are distributed, the Auras will affect a larger area. This benefits party members because they may not always be within immediate proximity. A larger radius is also useful for Auras that affect monsters because it allows players to keep their distance during combat. This is helpful especially when going up against monsters with a melee attack.

Although it is possible to quickly switch between Auras, the Paladin can only use one Aura at at time. If multiple Auras are cast, then the Aura in effect is always the last one that was activated. Sometimes when switching between Auras, there may be a brief transition period before the updated Aura reaches other party members.

Multiple Auras, Multiple Paladins in a Party
When there is more than one Paladin in a party, more than one different Aura can be active at the same time. For example, one Paladin can use Blessed Aim to increase the party's Attack Rating, while another Paladin casts Might to increase the party's damage.

Multiple Paladins cannot "stack" Auras by all activating the same Aura at the same time. If two Paladins in a party both activate Might, they will not receive any extra damage or double the damage done by themselves and other party members. Because multiple Auras cannot be stacked, it is best for Paladins in a group to communicate and decide who will use which Aura and which Auras will be best for the group.

Timing the Use of Auras
Knowing how to manage Auras is critical to becoming a good Aura Paladin. When considering multiple Auras, it is important to remember that many are useful in certain situations and not so useful in other situations. Skilled Paladins learn when to use each Aura and when to switch between them.

Hot Key Auras
With multiple Auras, it is important to assign each commonly used Aura a Hot Key. Players may want to reconfigure the default location of a Hot Key a button which is better positioned on the keyboard. Once Auras are assigned Hot Keys, players can quickly switch between them in battle.

Auras and Combat Skills
Auras can only be placed on the right action button. Placing Paladin combat skills on the left action button allows players to use combat skills and Auras simultaneously. If you do not have enough Mana or are unable to use a combat skill, you can still Hot Key "normal" attack and then use Hot Keys to switch between your normal attack, and combat attack on the left action button and Auras on the right action button.

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