As any top gamer will tell you, it's not just how you play the gameóit's what you play the game on. Get the latest Intel® processors, and get the performance you need to stay ahead of your gaming foes. Game on. Power up. Take control with Intel® Pentium® processor extreme edition.
Nyko Technologies develops, manufactures and markets innovative peripherals to enhance the digital lifestyle. Nykoôs mission is to deliver high technology, high-performance products that solve problems, and improve the user experience for work and play. The company specializes in producing both licensed and original accessories for the interactive entertainment, computing, consumer electronics, iPod, and portable audio industries, as well as utilizing wireless and online technologies. Nyko holds several product patents, is regularly featured in the media, and has won numerous industry awards and accolades for outstanding innovation and consumer-friendly design.
Centon Advanced DDR2 memory is designed from the get go with the gaming enthusiast and overclocker in mind. All of Centon's Advanced modules are 100% tested according to Centon's unprecedented Quality Assurance guidelines, which has exceeded customers' expectations for more than a quarter of a century. In addition, each module is then stress tested at its rated speeds on the latest hardware components to ensure stability. Combined with Centon Electronic's lifetime warranty, Centon Advanced DDR2 memory is the only viable choice for gamers and overclockers. Centon Advanced... built to perform.
Razer is a company of gamers who build products for gamers. Each Razer peripheral bears the invisible signature of hundreds of professional gamers, gaming enthusiasts and engineers and each Razer gaming product is built from single components; pieced and assembled with care and precision so as to optimize the gameplay for all professional gamers worldwide. Engineered to near perfection, Razerís reputation of being the leaders in gaming technology is embodied in every single Razer product.
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