SOLDIER on February 15, 2006

SOLDIER on March 6, 2006
After careful deliberation and hours of pouring over Warcraft III strategy commentaries, we have finalized our Audio Commentary winners. All of the submissions were very good and showed in-depth knowledge of the strategies being used in the chosen Season III replay. We had a lot of fun listening to all of the entries and hope those who participated in the contest had a good time creating their commentaries. Judging by some of the entries, some participants may have had a little too much fun making theirs...

The winners are:

  1. SystemShark
  2. Emperor
  3. Phreak
  4. Montecristo
  5. G. Speier
Congratulations to the five contest winners and thanks a lot to everyone who participated in the contest for their outstanding submissions.
After reading through all submitted Battle Reports, we have finalized our winning selections. Below are the top winning entries we received. These reports were done very well and show a great knowledge of the game and illustrate some of the best matches of the Season Three Finals. Congratulations to the winners!
  • Dennis K - covering Lyn vs. Rainbow (Kalimdor)
  • Max M - covering Sweet vs. FoV (Kalimdor)
  • Phreak - covering Rainman vs. WizPizSizZizz (Lordaeron)
  • T-Rider - covering FarSeer vs. Spirit_Moon (Kalimdor)
Araxas on January 17, 2005
Blizzard is proud to announce that our second Worldwide Invitational will be held next month in Seoul, Korea on February 3-5. The Worldwide Invitational will be home to an invite-only StarCraft tournament as well as the Warcraft III Season Three Finals.

The StarCraft invitational players will be announced in the days leading up to the event. Season Three of the Warcraft III ladder ended in December and the finalists from the season-ending qualifiers will be playing in the Season Three Finals. Click here for more information.

SOLDIER on January 11, 2006
Congratulations to SouthSea who has defeated Boo by a match score of 2-0 and taken third place on Azeroth's online Ladder Season Three finals. Since Shortround will be unable to attend the finals next month, SouthSea will be replacing Shortround in the grand finals held in Seoul, Korea in early February.

Replays of this match can be downloaded here.

SOLDIER on January 4, 2006
We have updated the Audio Commentary rules and the Battle Report rules for clarification. Please review the changes to make sure your entry will meet all criteria. We have also decided to extend the Season Three contest deadline to January 13, 2006.
SOLDIER on December 20, 2005
Now that Season Three has finished, we will be offering up two new contests. These contests will be based on the matches played this past weekend for entry into the Season Three Finals in Korea.

Battle Report Contest [Official Rules] – This contest will test your knowledge of the game, strategies used, and creative writing abilities. Please visit the StarCraft Battle Reports page for examples of what a Battle Report is and how it is laid out. You will need to download one of the replays from the Season Three qualifiers found here and write a Battle Report. Your entry will be based on:

Audio Commentary Contest [Official Rules] – This contest will test your ability to create an interesting and exciting audio commentary for a Warcraft III match. You can download any of the replays from the Season Three qualifiers here and record your audio commentary to the match. Your submission will be judged on the following criteria:
SOLDIER on December 13, 2005
After three months of competition on the ladders, the last chance to qualify for the season-ending tournament took place on December 9, 2005. 16 players from each gateway battled it out for the two coveted spots to represent their gateway at the grand finals being held in Korea next February.

On Sunday, the qualifying players met on to compete for their gateway’s top two spots. Three consecutive wins to advance into the gateway semi-finals stood between the players and a trip to Korea. In the end, only eight of the sixty-four participants were able to accomplish this.

The final eight players are listed below. These players will move on to Korea to battle it out for the title of Season Three Champion!

Lordaeron Azeroth Northrend Kalimdor
Araxas on December 10, 2005
Ladder Season Three Tournament is about to begin! Below is a list of shout casts provided by various websites. There will be coverage in English, Korean, French, and Chinese. Enjoy the show!


Araxas on December 9, 2005
Ladder Season Three has come to an end. Congratulations to all 64 players who qualified to the season-ending tournament! This coming Sunday, December 11th, the top players on each gateway will square off to determine which two players will represent their gateway at an offline finals in Seoul, Korea in February. Good luck to all players.

Araxas on December 8, 2005
The Warcraft III: Ladder Season Three rules have been posted and may be found here. We recommend all qualified players read through them carefully prior to the finals this coming Sunday, December 11.
SOLDIER on December 7, 2005
The Season Three Finals will be held on December 11, 2005. Please visit the Schedule page for a complete list of match times.
SOLDIER on December 7, 2005
The Season Three Logo Contest has come to an end and we have selected the top three entries. We were very impressed with all of the entries that we received. Congratulations to all of the winners and to all who entered. Below are the winning logo submissions.

  • First Place by Mark Anthony C.
  • Second Place by Gabriel J.
  • Third Place by Jason
  • First Place - Centon "1 GB Kit", Nyko Multi-Hub™, Nyko AIR-FLO™ PC controller, Nyko Universal Online Kit, and a Razer Diamondback™ Precision Gaming Mouse.

    Second Place - Centon "1 GB Kit", Nyko Multi-Hub™, Nyko Universal Online Kit, and a Razer Diamondback™ Precision Gaming Mouse.

    Third Place - Nyko Multi-Hub™, Nyko AIR-FLO™ PC controller, and aNyko Universal Online Kit.

    Araxas on December 5, 2005
    Warcraft III Season Three is almost over. The final ten qualifiers will be drawn on December 9, which is next Friday. Hop on the ladder and play a few matches; we may just see you in February!
    SOLDIER on November 21, 2005
    The Season Three qualifiers for November have been chosen and are listed below. Congratulations to those who qualified! The next date to qualify is December 9th and ten qualifiers from each realm will be chosen. There is one more chance to make into the Season Three Finals, so good luck.

    SOLDIER on November 15, 2005
    As a way to celebrate the third season of the ladder system, we will be offering players a chance to be a part of Blizzard tournament history. We have created a Season Three Finals Logo Contest that offers players the opportunity to show off their artistic talents and create the logo to be used in the Season Three Finals that are taking place early next year! For full rules and submission information, please visit here.

    General Rules

    To submit your image(s), please send an email to with "LOGO CONTEST" in the subject line and be sure to attach the image(s) that you are submitting to that email.
    SOLDIER on October 25, 2005
    The first twelve players eligible for the online portion of the Season Three tournament finals have been determined. Congratulations to the three players per gateway who are now assured of a position in December's finals. The players that are qualifying from each gateway are:

    Northrend Kalimdor Azeroth Lordaeron
    1. LifeInLags 1. SentimentaL 1. MYSTDEUD 1. DiscMePlease
    2. hudGe 2. PLUS 2. KoD-Axslav 2. rArA.
    3. IlIlIllIlIIllIl. 3. Miss. 3. TmG)Darius 3. TmG)C5ipo7i

    The next qualifying period for Season Three is November 18, 2005 at noon (12pm) PST.

    Araxas on October 19, 2005
    On October 21 at 12pm PST, the top three solo players on all Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne ladders will be the first to qualify for the online portion of the Season Three finals. The winners from that tournament will advance to the Grand Finals, which will be played in-person over a LAN. Good luck to all players in this first opportunity to qualify during Season Three!

    Leading the pack so far are:

    Northrend Kalimdor Azeroth Lordaeron
    1. LifeInLags 1. SentimentaL 1. MYSTDEUD 1. rArA
    2. hudGe 2. PLUS 2. TmG)Darius 2. DiscMePlease
    3. AlternativMusic 3. Miss. 3. KoD-Axslav 3. TmG)C5ipo7i

    Will they be able to hold onto their top three positions long enough? Be sure to check the Warcraft III ladder pages often on Thursday and Friday to find out.

    Araxas on October 7, 2005
    In the past few weeks, we’ve released a patch, reset all ladders, and updated the Automated Match-Making technology that drives the ladders. Today we reveal a newly designed website and the launch of the Ladder Season Three webpage.

    As was noted in the preview, Season Three will feature three separate qualification dates. These will take place on:

    1. October 21 at noon (12pm) Pacific Time – top 3 solo players
    2. November 18 at noon (12pm) Pacific Time – top 3 solo players
    3. December 9 at noon (12pm) Pacific Time – top 10 solo players
    Players may only qualify once. If a player finishes at the top during two or more qualification times, that player will be entered into our final tournament, and the extra position will be given to the next highest ranked player.
    Araxas on September 26, 2005
    The Warcraft III ladders have been reset. Along with the reset, we’ve introduced upgrades to the Automated Matchmaking (AMM) system and updated the ladder-map pools for all formats. For more information about Season III and the AMM changes, please visit our preview here.
    Araxas on September 21, 2005
    Warcraft III has been updated in recent days with the 1.19 patch and many of the maps available for ladder play have received a fresh coat of polish. We're pleased to present the first in-depth look at Ladder Season III and our new ladder implementation.
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