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Find a level that's too tough for you? These codes might help. While playing the game, hit enter and type in one of the codes below. But be warned: they affect all players equally in multi-player games.

Enables level jumping. Use Human # and Orc # to jump levels where # is the level you want to go to.
For Expansion pack levels type x before the levels (i.e., "xorc10")
Use human xx and Orc xx to jump levels, where xx is the level you want to go to.

On screen
Shows you the whole map.

Make it so
Speeds up building and unit production.

It is a good day to die
Makes your units ultra-powerful.

Unite the clans
Win the scenario instantly.

Glittering prizes
Increases your resources.

Trees can be cut down with two chops.

Deck me out
Gives you all the weapon/armor upgrades.

Every little thing she does
Gives you all spell upgrades.

There can be only one
Takes you to the campaign victory sequence.

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