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Many of the Orc and Human units and structures are the same in functionality, cost, and power. In this guide when the unit name of one race is used you can assume the information mentioned will also apply to the opposite race's equivalent unit. The spells Death and Decay and Blizzard are also similar - strategies used with one may also be used with the other.

Equivalent units: Peasant/Peon, Footmen/Grunt, Ballista/Catapult, Knight/Ogre, Mage/Death Knight, Demolition Squad/Goblin Sappers, Flying Machines/Goblin Zeppelins, Oil Tankers, Elven/Troll Destroyers, Battleships/Juggernauts, Orc/Human Transports and Gryphons/Dragons.

Equivalent structures: Town Hall/Great Hall, Keep/Stronghold, Fortress/Castle, Chicken Farm/Pig Farm, Barracks/Barracks, Elven Lumber Mill/Troll Lumber Mill, Blacksmith/Blacksmith, Watch Tower/Scout Tower, Guard Tower, Cannon Tower, Shipyard, Oil Rig, Foundry, Oil Refinery, Stables/Ogre Mound, Gnomish Inventor/Goblin Alchemist, Gryphon Aviary/Dragon Roost, Mage Tower/Temple of the Damned, Church/Altar of Storms.

Basic Overview
This area covers the fundamental basics of how Warcraft II works and provides an introduction into the world of Warcraft.

Basic Overview | Fog of War | Human Buildings | Orc Buildings | Human Hot Keys | Orc Hot Keys
Combat Mechanics | Scoring and Ranking | Map Editor

Orcs vs Humans
Find out what differences there are between the Orcs and Humans in this area. Strengths and weaknesses are laid out to better help you handle matches against each race.

Orcs vs Humans | Orcs Advantages | Orcs Fighting Humans | Humans Advantages | Humans Fighting Orcs

A detailed section covering every unit found in Warcraft II. Discover hidden uses and strategies for each unit as well as fully detailed stats for each units abilities.

Peasant/Peon | Footman/Grunt | Archer/Axe Thrower | Ballista/Catapult | Demolition Squads/Goblin Sappers | Knight/Ogre
Paladin | Ogre Mage | Mage | Death Knight
Flying Machine/Goblin Zeppelin | Gryphon/Dragon | Oil Tanker | Destroyer | Transport | Submarine | Battleship/Juggernaught

General Strategy
Recommended for intermediate players. This section covers many of the strategies that will assist you in winning your battles.

Basic Strategies | Unit Commands and Control | Hot Keys and Special Commands | Building Strategies | Tower Tactics
Wall-In Strategy | Towns and Expansions | Offensive Strategies | Formation Strategies | Stopping Enemy Unit Production
Team Tactics

Advanced Strategy
Recommended for advanced players. This section delves into the spells and units found in the higher branches of the tech tree. Learn the secrets of using units like the fearsome Sappers and Demolition Squads as well as spells like Blizzard and Death & Decay.

Destruction Tactics | Sappers Building Chart | Demolition Squad Building Chart
Spell Statistics | Spell Comparisons | Blizzard and Death & Decay | Lowdown Strategies

Water Strategy
Recommended for advanced players. Having trouble gaining control of the sea in your battles over water? This section reveals the best water-based strategies and tactics ever formulated! Learn to how to defeat Battleships and Juggernaughts even in situations with overwhelming odds, how to sink those dastardly Submarines and Giant Turtles without detection and much more!

Water Basics | Common Newbie Mistakes | Common Water Tactics | Objectives On Water | Offensive Strategies | Ship Control
Battleship Control | Human Water Strategies | Water Blockades | Foundry Hop


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