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Transport Transport Transport
Cost: 600 200 500

Hit Points: 150
Damage: 0
Armor: 0 + 10
Sight: 4
Speed: 10
Range: 1

Human Transport
Transports are a vital part of the Alliance war effort, for it is these sturdy vessels which allow troops to traverse various waterways to engage in battle. Designed to carry and deliver several ground units directly onto the shore, Transports are slow and unarmed, and thus rely upon protection from Destroyers and Battleships.

Orc Transport
Transports are huge, skeletal ships charged with ferrying Horde troops across large bodies of water. Being slow and bulky, Transports rely upon magical armor to reply enemy fire. Although the Horde is known to defend their Transports with Destroyers and Juggernaughts, some reckless crews will sail straight into a naval engagement to deliver their troops to land.

Hauling land forces around.

Orc vs Human:
No difference.

Transports are used to transport your land forces across streams that do not have bridges and large areas of water. They have no offensive capabilities. 6 units can be fit in a transport. Each unit takes 1 slot in the Transport regardless of appeared size so 6 Catapults can just as easily fit into a Transport as 6 Peons.

Transports can be repaired
Move a Transport onto the shore and instruct one or more Peons to repair it.

Use Multiple Transports
When you invade, don't go in with just one Transport. You wouldn't send in only 6 guys on a land map so send in 2 or more Transports. D-Day!

Use Demolition Squads against incoming Transports
When you know the enemy is sending in a Transport place Demolition Squads near the shoreline where the Transport is going to unload. Then when it's near the shore click right mouse button on it and your Demolition Squad will sink the Transport and whatever was on it.

Flame Shield
When an enemy Transport is heading towards your shore, wait until it gets close then cast a Flame Shield on it. When it unloads it will do a large amount of damage to ALL the units it unloads. This can also work while your enemy is loading the Transports but is much harder to implement.

Seek out and Destroy Transports
Kill any Transport you see! If you sink a Transport with 6 units inside, especially Mages, you will severely damage the enemy. Use one or more Destroyers on a Transport.

Hide your Transports
Build a Transport as soon as you can and hide it. That way if your Shipyard is destroyed you can still get units off your island.

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A Peasants kills a Transport that was left on the shore. Be sure to move the Transport as soon as it's unloaded so this does not happen to you.

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