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Elven Destroyer Destroyer Troll Destroyer
Cost: 700 350 700

Hit Points: 100
Damage: 2-35 + 10
Armor: 10 + 10
Sight: 8
Speed: 10
Range: 4

Elven Destroyer
Elven Destroyers are powerful warships from the fleets of Quel'thalas. Crewed with highly-skilled Elven seafarers, these swift-sailing vessels are prepared to engage the enemy wherever they may be found. Elven Destroyers constitute a critical part of the Alliance navel defense force as they can unleash their firepower upon the dreaded aerial forces of the Horde.

Troll Destroyer
The Troll Destroyers are swift, ill-visaged longboats designed to cut through the enemy armadas and deal damage to enemy vessels and their flying support. The savage Troll crewmen are eager to enter into combat against Alliance ships of war and hungrily await any chance to stand mast to mast against the Elven Destroyers.

Anti-Air defense against Gryphons and flyers. It's key job is to kill transports. I also sometimes use them as fast scouts.

Orc vs Human
No difference.

The main use of the Destroyer is to kill Transports. Just right click on a Transport with your Destroyer. Unless a Battleship takes out your Destroyers, that Transport is dead as Transports cannot lose a Destroyer once it is locked on.. Just fire and forget. If the enemy is not watching their Transports occasionally you can kill them with a good shot by a Battleship but by far, Destroyers are the way to go because of their speed. The other main use for Destroyers is for killing Dragons/Gryphons and for driving off Flying Machines. Whenever you see a Flying Machine hovering over or within range of your Destroyers attack. Use Destroyers to scout for enemy Shipyards and to make sure they do not rebuild after you take them off of the sea.

Destroyers are pretty worthless against anything but flying machines and Gryphons and Transports. At level 5 they are a little better but you don't want to take on Battleships. If you are forced to take on a Battleship, fire then run as the Battleship has difficulty hitting moving targets. In one on one battles it is nearly impossible to win with a Destroyer. 2-35 damages for the destroyer is nothing compared to 50-130 for a Battleship. Don't even try to take a Battleship with 2 Destroyers. It takes about 4 destroyers to 1 Battleship.

Destroyers Will Fire On Your Own Units
Destroyers will automatically fire on any Flying units that come by even if that means damaging their own units. Sometimes the enemy will use an Eye of Killrogg or a Flying Machine to bait your Destroyers into firing on Battleships or other Destroyers. Some defenses against this include spreading out your Destroyers so that they won't fire on any nearby unit. In extreme situations you can even ally with the enemy so that the Destroyers won't be tricked into firing on Eyes of Killrogg or Flying Machines. Be sure, however to un click allies afterwards.

[ Click to Enlarge - 41 KB ]
The yellow player finds 6 destroyers locked on their Transport from all 4 enemy players in a 4on4 game. This Transport didn't have a chance.

[ Click to Enlarge - 47 KB ]
Several Destroyers chase down a Transport.

[ Click to Enlarge - 24 KB ]
After sinking a Juggernaught a Dragon is killed by a Troll Destroyer.

[ Click to Enlarge - 58 KB ]
Destroyers make hit and run attacks on an enemy Shipyard to prevent Transports from escaping.

Backlash sinks his own Transport

[ Click to Enlarge - 51 KB ]
A player tries to defend their town with Death and Decay. The sieging fast moving Troll Destroyers move out of the way of harm and the player ends up sinking their own Transport with Death and Decay.


Upgrade Cannons ( Damage + 5 )
Cost: 700 100 1000

Upgrade Cannons ( Damage + 5 )
Cost: 2000 200 3000

Upgrade Ship Armor ( Armor + 5 )
Cost: 500 500

Upgrade Ship Armor ( Armor + 5 )
Cost: 1500 900


Upgrade Cannons ( Damage + 5 )
Cost: 700 100 1000

Upgrade Cannons ( Damage + 5 )
Cost: 2000 200 3000

Upgrade Ship Armor ( Armor + 5 )
Cost: 500 500

Upgrade Ship Armor ( Armor + 5 )
Cost: 1500 900

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