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Oil Tanker Oil Tanker Oil Tanker
Cost: 400 250

Hit Points: 90
Damage: 0
Armor: 0
Sight: 4
Speed: 10
Range: 1

Human Oil Tanker
As the only ships which do not require Oil to be built, Oil Tankers make possible the construction of the Alliance fleet. They are manned by hard working, dependable mariners who search for the rich Oil deposits which lie beneath the waves. The crew of every Tanker is skilled in building Oil Platforms and ferrying the Oil back to a Shipyard or Oil Refinery where it may be processed and put to use.

Orc Oil Tanker
The Orc Oil Tanker is crudely constructed, as its purpose is for bearing cargo - not weapons or troops. The Tanker being little more than a collection of wood, bone and storage space, is crewed by a mob of Orcs scarcely more capable than the lowly Peons. Other than being able to pilot the craft, the crew of the Tanker performs tasks equivalent to those of a Peon - building Oil Platforms and returning their cargo so that it may be processed and used as the overseer chooses.

Haul Oil, Build Rigs, and Scouts.

Orc vs Human
No difference.

The Peasants of the sea. This ship builds Oil Rigs and hauls Oil. People ignore their other main use however, scouts! The second Oil Tanker should be sent out to scout the map for enemy Shipyards while the Oil Rig is building. Send the next few Oil Tankers as well until the map is scouting and the Oil Rig is completed. If you can find their Shipyard before they find yours, you have a huge advantage.

Build 6-8 Oil Tanks for serious Battleship construction. If that does not bring you enough Oil, build an Oil Refinery.

Block enemy Oil Spots
If you find an enemy Shipyard, check if they have an Oil Rig. If not, place your Oil Tanker over the Oil patch and steal it. The enemy will be forced to build near another Oil spot or build a Destroy to drive the Oil Tanker off. That Destroyer will put them behind in making Battleships and by the time you send your Battleships in to attack, they will most likely not have enough Battleships to defend themselves. This is often all you need to win the sea. If you find them on the island but they do not having a Shipyard, steal both of their Oil patches. Because the enemy might attempt to steal your Oil, be sure to as quickly as possible put your first Oil Tanker over your Oil Spot to prevent the enemy from stealing it.

Use them as Scouts
Don't forget that Oil Tankers make good scouts, especially early in the game, for enemy Shipyards and starting positions because of their speed.

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