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Paladin Paladin
Cost: 800 100

Hit Points: 90
Damage: 2 - 12 + 4
Armor: 4 + 4
Sight: 5
Speed: 13
Range: 1

Paladins are a holy order of warriors whose purpose is to defend and shepard the war-torn populace of Lordaeron. The Archbishop Alonsus Faol perceived that the pious Clerics of Northshire, who suffered such a terrible attrition in the First War, were ill-suited for the dangers of combat. Along with many of the surviving Clerics of Northshire, he sought those of only the greatest virtue among the knighthood of Lordaeron and tutored them in the ways of magic. Led by the crusading Uther Lightbringer, it now rests upon these Paladins - christened the Knights of the Silver Hand - to heal the wounds sustained in combat and to restore faith in the promise of freedom from Orcish tyranny.


Upgrade Weapons ( Damage + 2 )
Cost: 800

Upgrade Weapons ( Damage + 2 )
Cost: 2400

Upgrade Armor ( Armor + 2 )
Cost: 300 300

Upgrade Armor ( Armor + 2 )
Cost: 900 500

Holy Vision

Cost: Free
Mana: 70

As the spirit of mankind is everywhere, so the Holy Vision of the Paladin extends to all corners of the land. the area unveiled by this incantation grants the Paladin knowledge of the terrain and of all those how may dwell there. When this spell dims, the Paladin maintains knowledge of the lands he has seen, although he loses sight of the denizens in these lands.

You can cast Holy Vision on any part on the map and this will allow you to see what is in an area for about 1-2 seconds by removing the Fog of War.

Use Holy Vision to check the Gold Mines for enemy mining operations which is easier and faster than a Flying machine. When Holy Vision is cast to scout out an area, there is a little sparkle of light (plus you might hear the sound). This is important if you want to know whether your new towns have been discovered, just like watching for scouts and Flying Machines. You can also use Holy Vision to do a quick building check on the enemy town to look for important buildings such as the Altar of Storms.


Cost: 1000 Gold
Mana: 6 per Hit Point
Range: 6
Time to Upgrade: 200

Aiding our brethren in times of pain and illness remains the fundamental concern of any within the holy Order. By focusing his spiritual powers, the Paladin can heal those who have been wounded in battle. While only one being at a time may be healed in this fashion, it serves to replenish the strength and courage of all who strive for victory against the unfeeling Orc.

Healing Units
Select a group of guys and look at their pictures on the left. Find the ones that are low in health and click on them. This will single out the damaged unit out of a group on the screen and you know who to heal. This is much easier and faster than manually clicking through a group of guys looking for a hurt guy.

The Healing Equation
For every 6 mana, you can heal 1 hit point of damage. Since a Paladin has 255 mana, it can heal 42.5 hit points because 255/6=42.5
Because a Paladin has 90 hit points, it can take over 2 full casts of Healing to Heal another Paladin.


Cost: 2000 Gold
Mana: 4 per hit point
Range: 10
Time to upgrade: 200 Time Units.

Calling upon the forces of light and purity, the Paladin is able to dispel the walking dead that plague the lands of Azeroth. Exorcism can be used to cause injury to entire groups of these undead terrors, or to utterly eradicate a lone creature. These creatures of Hades seem to gain strength in numbers, thus the greater number of undead that are exorcised within a group, the less actual damage each undead will take. This act is extremely taxing upon the Paladin, making it necessary for him to observe a period of rest before once again invoking this great power.

When you cast exorcism at full mana, you can kill a Death Knight or Skeleton.

Exorcism is a great counter to Death Knights. You always have plenty of Paladins around so casting Exorcism shouldn't be a problem. Another good thing is that it has a HUGE reach (Range 10, two less than Blizzard). If you see Death Knights get Exorcism. If you kill even 2 Death Knights the Exorcism upgrade price will be paid off.

Exorcism is an area attack spell. The difference between Exorcism and Death Coils are that if the enemy is not there, it does not take away magic points. Death Coils, in contrast, will take mana points even if there is nothing there to attack.

Invisible Paladins work well in performing seek and destroy missions against Death Knights using Exorcism. Exorcism cannot be cast on a Death Knight with Unholy Armor. Orcs can cast Haste and Unholy Armor on Death Knights then send them in to Death and Decay without fear of Exorcism. But remember, Death Knights can still be Polymorphed even with Unholy Armor.

The Exorcism Equation
For 4 Mana, 1 hit point is taken away.
A full cast off 255 manna would do 63.75 hit points of damage since 255/4=63.75. This explains why it takes almost a full cast to kill a Death Knight. If you had 240 Mana, you could still kill a Death Knight.

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Exorcism has a long range!

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