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Submarine Submarine - Giant Turtle Giant Turtle
Cost: 800 150 800

Hit Points: 60
Damage: 10-50
Armor: 0
Sight: 5
Speed: 7
Range: 4

Gnomish Submarine
The resourceful Gnomish Inventors have designed an amazing craft known as the Submarine. This watertight vessel can submerge beneath the waves and surreptitiously keep watch on enemy forces above the surface. The Gnomish Submarine is visible only to Towers, aerial forces, and other vessels that move beneath the waves. Using cunning and craft to carry out surprise attacks on more powerful enemies makes the Submarine an invaluable part of the Lordaeron armada.

Giant Turtle
These Giant sea Turtles are native to the southern seas and were captured by the Stormreaver clan. Pacified by potent spells of control, these lumbering monstrosities are fitted with watertight canopies strapped onto the backs of their shells and are used as submersible Orcish craft. By submerging under the waves, the Giant Turtles can steal upon unsuspecting enemy craft and report their position to the Horde fleet as they are visible solely to Towers, creatures of the air, and other submersible vessels. The daring Goblins who control them are dedicated to destroying enemy ships by launching hazardous, steam-driven canisters containing highly volatile liquids that can shred even the strongest armor.

Invisible (In certain situations) ship to ship, and ship to sea building attacker.

Orc vs Human
No difference.

Submarine have a limited role in the game. Although they may seem fairly weak they do have a purpose. Submarines can be very effective in destroying enemy Ships and Oil Rigs early in the game and when the enemy does not have Flying Machines because they have delayed upgrading to Stronghold or Keep. Submarines are also good for ambushing and killing other Ships that do not have Flyer support.

If you invade someone early they get behind you can use this opportunity to make some Submarines and attack them while they have not yet upgraded to Keep/Stronghold so that they can get Flying Machines. Submarines are also good to kill enemy Battleships when they have no Flying Machines nearby. The key to using Submarines is to know when to make them, when to use them, and to move them after each shot to prevent the enemy from using attack ground.

Sometimes in team games or 1on1 games where an enemy has been invaded early with Footmen, they are behind in their upgrading to Keep or Stronghold. This is the perfect time to attack them with Submarines, especially when they have a collection of Battleships. Build a few Submarines and send them to finish off the Battleships. If that goes well try to destroy the Oil Rig, then Shipyard and Foundry. Be sure to move each Submarine after firing.

How to Control Submarines
Submarines can be easily killed in one shot by Battleships using attack ground even when the Battleships cannot see them. The trick to avoid being hit by Battleships using attack ground is to fire then move immediately after firing to keep the enemy from knowing where you are. Move the Submarines in a random pattern. The Battleships will either have to get a lucky shot or will have to finish the Submarine off with splash damage.

Submarines Can Only Fire At Sea Units and Sea Buildings
Submarines cannot fire at land units. Also, Submarines can only fire at Sea buildings such as Oil Refineries, Shipyards and Foundrys. Unlike Destroyers and Battleships, Submarines cannot fire on Peons that are repairing the Sea buildings while they are being attacked. It may be useful to have Peons repair Shipyards, Foundries and Oil Refineries that are under attack by Submarines (and Submarines alone) while you are moving your Flying Machines into position or while you are upgrading to Keep/Stronghold so that you can build Flying Machines. There is nothing the enemy can do against the Peons repairing the Shipyard while under attack by Submarines except bring in Destroyers and Battleships.

How to Spot Submarines
Submarines remain invisible until spotted by something capable of seeing Submarines such as Flying Machines, Dragons, Towers (Watch/Guard/Cannon), and Eye of Killrogg. It is easiest to use Flying Machines to spot Submarines. Although Towers can be built on the sea to spot Submarines near the Shipyard, this is not a good strategy as they can easily be killed by a Battleship in one or two hits. In rare situations it may be useful to build a Tower next to a Shipyard if it's under attack by Submarines and the enemy is not building Battleships or Destroyers which can hit the Towers.

Know When to Quit
There is often only a small window of weakness for the enemy against Submarines. Once the enemy starts building Flying Machines and escorts every Battleship and Destroyer with a Flying Machine it's time to stop building Submarines.

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A Goblin Zeppelin spots Submarines allowing the Catapult to fire on them.

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