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Flying Machine Flying Machine - Zeppelin Zeppelin
Cost: 500 100

Hit Points: 150
Damage: 0
Armor: 0
Sight: 9
Speed: 17
Range: 1

Gnomish Flying Machine
The Gnomes of Khaz Modan have long offset their lack of physical strength with ingenuity and daring. As members of the Alliance, they have continued to display their talents by inventing and piloting the unbelievable Flying Machine. Although having no armaments, these awkward contraptions can be used to survey vast areas of terrain, and detecting the otherwise hidden movements of underwater units (as all flying units can), making them invaluable for discovering the movements of the Horde.

Goblin Zeppelin
Zeppelins are ingenious inventions that allow small teams of Goblins to soar above the countryside and spy on enemy positions. The Zeppelins are cumbersome, awkward and maintain no armament. Their airborne capabilities, extensive line of sight, and ability to spot underwater units (as with all flying units), however, make them an integral part of the Horde's spy network.

Scouting the map, detecting Submarines, spying on enemy troop movements, technologizes and expansions.

Orc vs Human:
No difference.

Although they cannot attack, Flying Machine and Goblin Zeppelins are a very important part of the Orc and Human Army. Once the Keep/Stronghold stage has been reached they do the majority of recon. Flying Machines can be used to see what the enemy is up to safely out of range of their Towers and Archers. Unlike land based scouts such as Peasants, Footmen and Knights, Flying machines can bypass ground obstacles such as trees, rocks, and rivers. Flying Machines can be used to escort Battleships and Destroyers to protect them from Submarines.

Put up Guard Towers to ward off enemy Flying Machines. Once attacked, many people will stop sending Flying Machines to your town fearing they will be destroyed. One Tower can keep many enemies from seeing what you are doing. You can also use an Archer or two.

When making attacks scout out the enemy with a Flying Machine, be warned however that this often gives away your attack. You can use Flying Machines to distract the enemy on one side while making an attack on another side. Use Invisible Flying Machines to scout the enemy undetected.

Cast Unholy Armor on enemy Flying Machines, this will cut their hit points in half making them easier to destroy once it wears off. Slow Flying Machines then finish them off with Fireballs.

Destroy every Flying Machine you can. Cut down the enemy's ability to see what you have and are up to.

Select a Flying Machine then right click on a friendly unit such as a Battleship or an enemy unit to follow it.

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