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Team Tactics

It is best to have gang up on the same enemy. For example, one player has four Ogres and the enemy has four Knights. The four Ogres to attack a single Knight out of that group of four. With four Ogres hitting the same Knight, that Knight is quickly killed. Then the four Ogres attack the next Knight and the next one until they are all dead. If you use this method of attack and the enemy does not, you can easily defeat an equal or greater army with less losses to yourself.

Sometimes in the game you have the ability to set up your guys in certain formations so that you can have a larger number of guys attacking them than they have attacking you. Many times in the game, you are able to force this situation. This happens particularly on maps with tight corridors through forests such as Maze, Nowhere to Run, Crowded, Mine the Center, and other maps. This also happens when fighting around a wall-in of someone's town and in other situations.

As you can see, there are three Ogres attacking a single Knight, a 3on1. Using this set up, you can kill many Knights before one Ogres dies. By setting units up in this fashion, the enemy cannot ever break through the Ogres unless they move, die (that would take a lot of Knights), or the enemy uses Blizzard, Archers (very unlikely), or a Catapult.

With 6 level 1 Ogres, you can kill 24 level 1 Knights before finally dying.

In this set up 2 Ogres are attacking 1 Knight at a time. The Ogres are on Stand Ground so that the only way they will move is if they are killed. Extra Ogres are placed behind to move in if an Ogre dies on the front.

If the enemy is skilled and notices such a situation used by you, they will just run or get themselves a Catapult. But, often, the enemy continues to attack.

You don't need trees to set up 3on1s or more. Use buildings to set up a 3on1 entrance into the town as seen here.

The Greater the Odds, the Faster Those Enemies Go Down
A 4on1 kills the one enemy much faster and with less damage to yourself than a 3on1, and the same for a 3on1 vs a 2on1.

When doing the 2on1,3on1, etc.... make sure you:

  1. place units on Stand Ground. If they move, you might lose the setup for good.

  2. Place units behind to take the place of one of your attackers when they die.

If you find yourselves a victim of this strategy, just run away. If that isn't possible, get Archers, Catapults or cast Blizzard to even up the Odds.

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