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Another use of knowing the way units pop out of a building is when attacking Barracks, Mage Towers, or even Town Halls. Place attacking Ogres like this and hit S or T to Stop or Stand Ground:

(Place your Ogres or Grunts in the red areas - the enemy will pop out in the green filled area)

If attacking with more than 3, make sure E remains empty. This way, the instant anybody pops out of the building, 3 ogres at once will attack him. By the time your opponent gets around to moving him, he might be dead - completely automatically!

You can upgrade your Modem Place Grunts as shown in this picture, so the enemy will pop out in the middle of the Grunts.

You can attack a Barracks with two level 1 Grunts and almost kill it with enemy Footmen also level 1 popping out the entire time.

You looked into ISDN connects? You can kill the Barracks easily using three level 1 Grunts on it at the same time while being attacked by one level 1 Footman that would pop out constantly.

[ Click to Enlarge - 86 KB ]
Any unit that comes out of this Barracks pops in surrounded by 5 Grunts on Stand Ground.

The implications of using this can be extraordinary. How hard is it to attack someone with three or more Barracks constantly pumping out troops? However, using the 3on1 on each barracks, it is possible to take them all out easily. This is assuming that:

Your units are at the same level or above the enemy

The enemy doesn't outclass you by pumping out Ogres while you are attacking their barracks with Grunts.

A teammate doesn't save them.

They don't have Barracks elsewhere sending reinforcements.

It is plausible to take out 3 Barracks constantly training units with only 9 units of your own.

Be Sure To...

Make sure the enemy will pop out in the middle of your troops. You know where they will pop out from this strategy guide. If not, go find where I talked about it.

Make sure your units are on stand ground. You don't want them chasing after someone messing up your formation.

Upgrade your Grunts or Ogres to the same level or above the enemy.

If the enemy starts making Ogres when you're using Grunts to attack, try to replace your Grunts with Ogres, or send more Grunts.

Watch and prevent the enemy from building more Barracks.

Don't let the enemy build a Tower by their Barracks

Try to make the odds even better by using a 4on1, 5on1 or even a 6on1

if you want the Barracks killed sooner, which is often important, set up the 3on1 on the left of the barracks and put all remaining troops around the Barracks attacking it.

If time doesn't matter, setup the 5on1. This trick doesn't just apply to Barracks, you can also use this on Town Halls, Mage Towers, and Gnomish Inventors.

If people have this set up on YOUR barracks, DON'T keep making Footman and Knights.

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