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When units come of a building, or units are trained, they will come out in this order unless the left side is blocked:

Where the B is the building. A unit will try to come out at 1, if that's not possible at 2, and so on. When the left side of the building is blocked, the order reverses with the unit popping out at 11 first.

Knowing the way units pop out of a building, you can use this knowledge to allow you to transport Peasants over small to large bodies of water by building Shipyards and Foundrys in certain locations, and sometimes by repairing with multiple Peasants while the building is being built.

You can build a Shipyard and then quickly cancel it to allow Peasants to hop over a river in some locations.

High Seas combat features small rivers where the Foundry Hop can most easily be done. However there are other maps where it is possible.

Foundrys are often a good choice for placing in streams on High Seas Combat when you know the enemy is not on the other side of the river. If the enemy is on the other side you may have to fight to protect your Foundry to allow you to continue to build Battleships and Transports. Catapults can defend the Foundry early with Blizzard being used later on. However the enemy can also quickly send in two Goblin Sappers to finish off the Foundry which you can not easily stop.

Here is a diagram of the building you build in the stream:

Building from positions 14, 15 or 16, once the Foundry is complete the Peon will hop out at the highlighted green area since positions 1-4 are inaccessibile, effectively jumping the river downwards.

Jumping the river upwards is a little more tricky:

Build the foundry like this and have one Peon repair it. The building Peon will hop out at the highlighted green area, because as you can see all other popout spaces are taken.

By properly placing your building, you can get to any island from any direction easily. On High Seas Combat you can hop to all the islands from both directions using only one Peasant.

[ Click to Enlarge - 55 KB ]
A Shipyard is used to hop the Peasant to the other side.

Expansion Hop

Hop over to another island to expand to another Gold mine. You can do this without having a Transport or gathering Oil.

Offensive Hop

While you can hop to another island to build another town, you can also hop to another island to attack the enemy. Once you have hopped over to their island you have several options, you can Offensive Tower the other player and/or build some Barracks on their side to make units right inside their town. Both of these strategies require some stealthy movement. If the enemy spots the Towers or Barracks before they are completed they can often easily destroy them.

About the time you normally build a Shipyard, walk over to the stream, hit VS to build a Shipyard. Drag the Shipyard over the stream. Look at the green picture of the shipyard and keep moving it until you can see the Peasant will pop out on the desired side. It may take practice. Once the Shipyard starts building, cancel construction. If you did it right, the Peasant should hop out on the right side. If not, try it again. Be warned that canceled buildings eat up resources so don't cancel enough that it prevents you from building or training units.

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