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Knowing how to control Battleships and fight against enemy Battleships is very important as it can often determine the outcome of a game on a water map. Control and knowledge are key.

Keep Ahead In the Upgrade Race
Don't let the enemy upgrade their ships by 2 or more upgrades. If the enemy is going to be going head to head with Battleships, upgrade both armor and cannons once, then upgrade armor and finally cannons again if the enemy matches your upgrades. The upgrade advantage will determine who wins many ship to ship battles.

Assume It Takes Two Hits to Kill an Enemy Battleship
Unless you are two levels or more in level below the enemy, it usually takes 2 full hits to sink a Battleship. Sometimes, however, the enemy will survive 2 full Battleship hits which will require a third shot to sink the enemy ship.

Have Two of Your Ships, and Only Two, Attack a Single Enemy Battleship At a Time
Because it usually takes two hits to kill an enemy, If you have three Battleship attacking one Juggernaught, what normally happens is the 2nd shot kills the enemy and the 3rd shot ends up being wasted. So command two Battleships attack one enemy and place the extra Battleship attack another enemy ship. If there are not any other enemy ships to attack feel free to attack with this extra ship as insurance that the enemy does not get lucky and survive two direct hits.

First Shot Determines Winner
Since it usually takes two shots to kill a Juggernaught, the first ship to get a full contact hit usually wins. Make an attempt to get the first full hit on the enemy while avoiding theirs.

You Cannot Afford Any Wasted Shot
One wasted hit can lose an entire battle. This is fundamental to capital ship control.

Prevent Battleships From Prematurely Firing
You Battleships will fire on any enemy that comes into their attack range when they are on a stop command. If your ships are just sitting there and the enemy moves in toward it, often the Battleships will fire, but fire over the enemy Juggernaughts because they are moving toward the Battleships. Prevent this by keeping your Battleships moving at all times. If this is not possible keep them out of the way of well traveled sea paths so the enemy cannot ambush them then send them in once the enemy attacks.

Keep All Your Ships Together!
Wait for all your ships to be together before going in. Smaller numbers of tightly packed and well commanded ships can destroy large fleets if they are sent in one or two at a time instead of being grouped.

In team games and games in general, If you have one Battleship about to pop out, have your teammate wait for your ship to join the group before you both move to attack. Combining fleets is key.

If one of your ships falls behind, stop the fleet until that ship catches up. If you don't, you might possibly get in a battle in which that ship would be no help losing a battle where that ship might have made the difference.

A Severely Damaged Battleship is As Dangerous as With Full Hit Points
Although they only have a few hit points left, they can still fire at full power. Their one shot can still help sink many ships if the enemy does not notice how damaged they really are.

Make the Enemy Waste the First Shot!
Use a bait unit such as a fast Destroyer or Oil Tanker to trigger the first enemy shot, then quickly move in with your Battleships. The enemy ships will have their attack timers reset giving you the first shot which might ultimately win the battle for you.

The Overshoot

If a ship fires at a ship traveling directly toward it at a certain distance out, that ship's cannon ball will fire over that enemy ship landing behind it. That cannon ball will either only slightly damage the ship or complete miss it. This situation happens because the ship fires at a specific point where the enemy is, sort of like attack ground. By the time the cannon ball hits, the enemy ship being fired on has traveled forward beyond that firing point. This is the same for Catapults attacking moving ground troops. Think of your Battleship as a Catapult that fires shots which cannot lock on moving enemies but instead lands where the enemy is when you command it to attack.

Do not fire at ships coming toward you, instead move forward toward them until you are very close, then fire.

Ships will immediately fire on any enemy unit within range after completing construction from a Shipyard. When attacking enemy Shipyards move your ships away from it, firing from maximum range. When you see an enemy ship pop out, quickly move toward it so that it will fire over your ships. You can often destroy a newly completed ship without taking a single shot yourself. When it is you whose Shipyard is under attack, quickly move completed ships toward the enemy as soon as they pop out. Often if the enemy is not controlling their ships, they will fire over your ship, and you will get the first shot, which may win you the battle.

Watch your Battleships at all times when the enemy has the potential to destroy them. Often unwatched ships will be picked off by Submarines, enemy Battleships and occasionally Gryphons. If you cannot watch your ships, place them in some hidden area on the map.

Do not try to move away from an enemy Juggernaught as this Battleship is doing. The overshoot does not work when retreating. This Battleship will be hit with a full Juggernaught hit The overshoot trick only works when moving toward an enemy. If you try moving away from an enemy, they will get a direct hit instead of overshooting you. Never run away from a Battleship fight.

1 on 1 Juggernaught fight

If the enemy is stopped you attack them. Then you will be the first one to hit and you will win the battle. If you are moving toward them, keep moving toward them, let them fire, they will fire over you, then you attack them. The key is do not fire at them if they are moving toward you. If they are moving away from you or stopped then fire.

Here is how you 1on1 Battleship fight whether or not the enemy knows how to control their Battleships.

Picture: Juggernaught travels up directly toward the enemy Battleship.

Move directly toward the enemy ship. You must be about one or more ship lengths away from the enemy. It doesn't matter if the enemy is stopped or if it is heading toward you as long as the enemy tries to fire while you are moving toward them.

Picture: Enemy Battleship stops moving and fires over the Juggernaught missing or slightly damaging the Juggernaught.

If everything goes right, the enemy will either stop moving and fire or just fire from where it was sitting. While the enemy fires, you must be moving directly toward the enemy. You must also continue to move until the enemy's cannonball hits behind your Juggernaught. What hopefully happens is the enemy Battleship fires, and because you are moving toward it, the enemy fires over your Juggernaught missing or only slightly injuring it. This injury will be so slight that it allows another two full contact shots on your Juggernaught before it sinks.


Battleship - Shot 1 out of 2 wasted. 1 shot left. Damage: None. Battleship's firing turn is up.

Juggernaught - 2 shots left. Damage: Minimal to None. Juggernaughts turn to fire.

Picture: Juggernaught stops after Battleship's first shot misses, and scores a direct hit on the enemy.

Continue moving toward the enemy until the enemy's first shot goes over you. Then immediately hit the stop button. The Juggernaught will automatically fire on the enemy. You should use the right click on the enemy instead of stop when you are attacking two or more enemies. Because you are attacking only one enemy stop is faster and better than right click. The only problem with using stop with more than one Juggernaught is that ships may fire on the same enemy sometimes wasting shots. Once your ship fires, immediately move toward the enemy ship in hopes of causing another overshoot.


Battleship - 1 shot left. Damage: One full contact hit. 1/2. Battleship's turn to fire again.

Juggernaught - 1 out of 2 shot used. Damage: Minimal to None. Juggernaughts turn to fire is up.

If your ship is still one or more lengths away from the enemy Battleship, skip back to the first step in picture one. Move toward the enemy in hopes he will fire over you again. If they do repeat their overshoot of your ship, you can win the battle with no damage at all to your Juggernaught.

If your ship is right next to the enemy, skip down to set four, picture four.

Picture: Battleship fires at Juggernaught scoring a direct hit.

This is the most likely position of your ship at this point of the battle. At this point, you have tried to cause an overshoot but the enemy scores their first direct hit.


Battleship - no shots left. Damage: One full contact hit. 1/2. Battleship's turn to fire is over.

Juggernaught - Damage: One full contact hit 1/2. Juggernaughts turn to fire again.

Picture: Juggernaught returns fire, sinking the enemy Battleship.


Battleship - Sunk.

Juggernaught - Wins with either minimal damage or one full contact hit.

It doesn't matter if the enemy knows about the overshoot if they do not prevent it. If you can sneak up on the enemy where the enemy is not watching their Juggernaught, that Juggernaught will automatically fire. If you catch the Juggernaught as it is popping out of the enemy shipyard, you can also achieve the overshoot automatically.

What If the Enemy Doesn't Overshot?

If the enemy knows what they are doing, in that first picture, you and the enemy will continue toward each other until you ram each other, neither firing. The second your ship rams into the enemy, you will both fire.

Here is what happens when two experienced Water players go one on one. The ships travel toward each other, neither firing, until they are next to each other. Then whoever happens to get the first shot wins.

It will come down to trying to cause the enemy to overshoot you, and if they don't stop and fire, do not fire until your ship rams theirs, then hit stop and watch your ship fire. Make sure you don't try to run away from a battle or your ship will be hit with a direct hit.

Big Battleship Fights

Ship Formations
This is how you should place your ships when attacking an enemy above. Rotate this formation to face the direction you want to attack. Do not let any ships fall behind the formation. A ship behind the main force is often useless to a battle because it has to continue toward the enemy until it is in range. You might want to keep a ship up front if your plan is to use it as a scape goat drawing the fire of all enemy ships.

Fighting with more than one Juggernaughts follows the same plan as fighting one on one with one notable exception. Since it usually takes two hits to sink a Juggernaught, for every two Juggernaughts you have, have two of them fire on the same enemy. So you have Juggernaught 1 and 2 fire on one enemy Battleship, Juggernaught 3 and 4 on another enemy Battleship and so on.

Even Number of Battleships
If you have an even number of Battleships then just have each set of two Battleships fire on one enemy. Select two of your Battleships, and right click on one enemy ship. Then select the next two Battleships and right click on the next enemy.

Odd Number of Battleships
If you have an odd number of Battleships, have the extra Battleship fire on one enemy ship by itself. One full contact hit on the enemy is better than none. If there are not enough enemies, just let it fire on whichever unit is closest.

Picture: Enemy Battleships fire overshooting the Juggernaughts that are traveling toward them.

In this picture Juggernaughts are move toward the enemy just like one on one fights. Hopefully, the enemy isn't watching their ships and they will fire the first shot over the Juggernaughts missing as shown here.

Picture: Each set of two Juggernaughts select and fire on one enemy Battleship sinking it.

Now that the battleships have fired, Select a set of two Juggernaughts and right click on one enemy Juggernaught. Then select the other two Juggernaughts and right click on another enemy Battleship.

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