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Blizzard On Peons and Run
Make a Transport Invisible put one Mage inside then land on the enemy shore nearest the enemy Gold mine. Instruct the Mage to exit the Transport and quickly cast Blizzard on the enemy Peons. Once the Mage has run out of mana quickly get back into the Transport and run. On some maps where the Gold Mine is more inland you may need to make the Mage Invisible to sneak your way into their town.

Invisible Blizzard and Run
This is often used when you want added safety to the Mages making the Blizzard attack and also alows the Mages to reach Gold Mines deep behind enemy lines. Take 3 Mages with full mana and place two of them in a Transport and make it Invisible with the third Mage. Land the Transport on the enemy shore and unload the two Mages. Immediately take on Mage and make the other Invisible. Take the Mage that just cast Invisibility and that is low on mana and place him back into the Transport. Now you should have your Invisible Transport with one Mage inside with low mana and an Invisible Mage on the shore with full mana. Send the Invisible Mage into the enemy town and cast a Blizzard on the Peons mining Gold. Once he has done his Blizzard run, send the Mage back to the Transport as quickly as possible, get back inside the still Invisible Transport and run. Often you will not be able to get that Mage back to the Transport depending on how quickly the enemy responds to the attack. If you're unable to get back into the Transport try to hide the Mage until he has built up more mana for another attack.

You can use more Mages to add complexity and greater success to this attack but be warned placing too many Mages into a Transport can be deadly if the Transport is killed. Instead of two, place three Mages in the Transport. When the first Mage comes back from Blizzarding the enemy town use the third Mage to make him invisible so he can more safely reach the Transport to escape. You can also use any extra Mages to cast quick Blizzards then run back to the transport.

Exorcism Hit and Run
Send in a Paladin with full mana, cast Exorcism on the Death Knight then run back to the Transport. For added success, bring a Mage along to make the Paladin invisible and then send him in.

If you are playing on a water map, fill a Transport with 1 or 2 Paladins, make the Transport Invisible, pop out, cast the Exorcism, get back in the Transport and run for it! If it's really hard to get to the Death Knights, make a Transport Invisible and put a Mage and Paladin inside with full mana. When you land, have the Mage cast Invisibility on the Paladin and get back in the Transport and head home. Don't worry about the Paladin. If you can save him try, but you probably don't want to lead the enemy back to your Transport just to save one Paladin. You might lose the Mage, Transport, and Paladin instead of just the Paladin. Try to hide the Paladin if possible after casting Exorcism.

Polymorph and Run
Place a Mage into a Transport and land on the enemy shores. Have the Mage, pop out, Polymorph, get back inside and go home. This is most useful for killing enemy Mages and Death Knights which may be trying to defend the town against invasion. You can also combine with Invisibility to send in an Invisible Mage to cast Polymorph.

Double Blizzard and Run
Take 3 Mages with full health. Use one to make the Transport invisible. Put two Mages inside. Travel to the enemy shore, unload two Mages and use the Double Blizzard method.

Invisible Double Blizzard and Run
Take 5 Mages with at least 200 Mana. Use one to make the Transport invisible. Put four Mages inside. When you land on the enemy have all four Mages get out. Use two Mages to cast Invisibility on the other two. Then have them get back inside. Have the two Invisible Mages walk until they are near the group of Ogres or Knights. Then use the Double Blizzard attack. Then run like back to the Transport and once everyone is loaded into the Transport, run. For added security or danger rather, add a 5th Mage in the Transport to make the Transport Invisible again.

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